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Euro coins pocket collector wins the Special Award!

Yesterday has been one of the most incredible days of my life!

Not only I won the Special Award during the 1st Mobile Fun Awards organized by the magazine Wireless for the Mobile Fun Forum 2003, but also the national TV channel La7 recorded the award ceremony and later they even interviewed the winners, including me with Euro coins pocket collector on my Pocket PC!!!

Update: La7 did not broadcast the recording of the event, alas.

I’ll keep you updated on the press coverage of the event, which will include downloadable videos from the website and I can already say there’s much more to come!

This may turn into the market exposure I was in real need of… some managers from Toshiba, Palm, the italian QQAAXX and HP ( here not in a casual order 😉 ) were much more pleased to hear my sponsorship proposals after I won the award.

I even met some of Trecision ex-coworkers there, who did loud cheers during the prize-giving, but I was too deeply stirred to understand they came from them. 🙂

The prize-giving occurred at the end of a long morning with many presentations about the great opportunities of the mobile market in Italy.

The presentation of Enrico of Pocket PC Italia, which took place in the afternoon, was the most interesting one since he talked about wireless connectivity on Pocket PCs and Smartphones and showed some amazing hardware like the new XDA 2, two new Smartphones and the latest GPS Navigation software.

I caught a bit of flue, but this great satisfaction makes me forget it, and it better be this way since I’ve got a lot of work to do and I have to be fine for this friday… :mrgreen:

Here’s a scan of the plate of the award:


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Hosting change completed and Reviews page opened

The transition to the new hosting on a Canadian provider is completed and I think I won’t have no more space or bandwidth problems, at least for the next months. 😉

I want to celebrate that by opening the Reviews page, in which you can find all the comments and articles about Ecpc published so far, not only by printed magazines, but also by users.

Expect to see more being added shortly.

Now I’m getting ready for the Mobile Fun Forum 2003 of tomorrow in Milan with trepidation, since it could be a very important day.

Fingers crossed! 🙂

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Hosting change in progress and new Euro coins German website

I’m setting up the new hosting for the website in this very moment.

I hope it’ll be a fast and smooth operation, but the DNS address change may cause the site to be not available in the next few days.

In the meantime I’d like to welcome the opening of a new website about Euro coins by Heiko Heubach, the kind german who translated Ecpc in his language.

Heiko used the text he translated for the coins descriptions, so that’s a sort of preview of what you’ll find in the incoming version 1.2 of Ecpc. 😉

I’ve already added his website,, in the Resources page. Check it out!

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#GPI and Mobile Fun Awards contest deadlines hit

MobileFunForumThis has been a really busy week since yesterday was the deadline of two contests.

Not only I had to complete the tutorial about Pocket PC development for the the Best Tutorial Contest hosted by #GameProg-Ita, which I already wrote about, but also I built a Special Edition of Ecpc for the Mobile Fun Awards, a contest open to all italian software developers for mobile devices, which will take place on 28 October in Milan during the Mobile Fun Forum 2003, the first event in Italy devoted to content and entertainment software providers for mobile devices.

The event is organized by Wireless, the italian magazine for the Mobile Economy, and it’s endorsed by the Mobile Entertainment Forum organization.

All of this while I’m working on the last feature of version 1.2 of Ecpc and on another thing about the website. 😉

I’ve got a bunch of e-mails who need a reply and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give them a quick one, but deadlines are deadlines!

The “Die another day” philosophy, the title of the last James Bond’s film, is not applicable here. 🙂

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Ecpc on the local newspaper La Provincia

LaProvinciaI was really waiting for this day since Euro coins pocket collector has appeared in a full page article in the weekly feature the local daily newspaper La Provincia dedicates to news about Internet and new technologies.

La Provincia is an important newspaper not only for the Como province but also for the Lombardia and it’s mentioned in the press preview of some national TV channels.

They print about 45.000 copies daily for a total of 300.000 potential readers! :mrgreen:

At this link you can find the page in PDF format, while you can read the whole newspaper on their website.

Thanks to Simone, the Internet feature editor, who granted me this great opportunity. 😉

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My Ipaq takes off with the Frecce Tricolori!

So here’s the special picture I was talking about, which just appeared in exclusive on Pocket PC Thoughts!

At the recently closed SMAU 2003 I didn’t miss the opportunity to jump into the cockpit of a real Aermacchi MB-339 jet aircraft used by the world famous italian Air Force Acrobatic Team, the Frecce Tricolori, obviously bringing with me my faithful Ipaq.

Thanks to the Air Force specialists who allowed me to merge my two biggest passions ever in this unique occasion. 🙂

Who knows if the Ipaq could survive to the high acceleration acrobatic maneuvers this plane daily performs…

And of course the application running on the Ipaq was Euro coins pocket collector! :mrgreen:

Ipaq TakeOff

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Back from SMAU and curiosity about the recent Italian Black Out

This was the most profitable SMAU for me since I began visiting it many years ago, and it was the first time I went to the exhibition for work and not just as a visitor.

I had the pleasure to meet italian Microsoft MVPs, in particular Giorgio Cifani and Pino Paparone, both MVP specialized in mobile devices, who showed me the hardware such as the new Motorola Smartphone. :mrgreen:

Also I met Enrico of Pocket PC Italia, in his crowded stand with the latest Pocket PC and Smartphone novelties and accessories.

Most importantly I had some important meetings which I hope will turn into great announcements in the next weeks. I also took a very special picture, which I’ll upload shortly. 😉

I’m already back to the big amount of work waiting for me, but I’ll leave you with a curious picture about the unexpected italian Black Out happened during the night of sunday 28th of september. Here’s the graphic of the Internet traffic on the MIX ( Milan Internet eXchange ), where you can notice the flat line in relation to the Black Out hours.

We hope it won’t happen again…

BlackOut Mix Traffic


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SMAU 2003 opening day

Smau 2003Today is the opening day of SMAU 2003, the 40° International Exhibition of ICT and Consumer Electronics, the biggest event of this kind in Italy, which is taking place in Milan Fair from 2 to 6 October.

I’ll go there on Saturday 4 and I’m trying to setup some interesting meetings, since all the major players of the PDA market will attend the exhibition. If you want to meet me during that day please contact me.

I’d like to thank Riccardo of Internavigare for the ticket invitation he provided me. 😉

Do you know what the initials SMAU mean? They stand for “Salone Macchine e Attrezzature per l’Ufficio”, an old name which survived the test of time since 1964.

Here you can download the SMAU map to bring it with you on your PDA.


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