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New links and second Hardware Upgrade Technical Workshop

HWUpgradeThe last week has been busy in terms of public relations and I’d like to thank all the webzines that published the announcement of the new release of Ecpc and led you here to browse the website! 🙂

In particular thanks to the portuguese websites Pocket PT and Palmtops On-line, which I added to the Links page, although I have some other links to add as soon as possible.

The weekend has been pleasant since on saturday 24th I attended to the second Technical Workshop organized by Hardware Upgrade, the leading webzine about technology in Italy, after the first one organized at SMAU 2003.

The main theme of this workshop was about Video chips and DirectX 9. The focus was on the latest powerful video cards for PCs, but since the event was sponsored by ATI, at the end I had the chance to get in touch with an ATI manager asking for more info about the introduction of new chipsets for mobile devices like the Imageon 2300. 😉

The event was interesting and the atmosphere relaxed, thanks also to the location, the Michelangelo Hotel in Milan, and also to the participation of many members of the Hardware Upgrade forum.

So while they’re discussing how fun the event was, I’d better go back to my to-do list…

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Euro coins pocket collector 1.3 RELEASED!

EcpcEcpc version 1.3, now completely translated in portuguese, is finally released!

Take a look at the list of the improvements in the Updates page and then Download the Demo to see them in action on your Pocket PC! 🙂

You’ll notice the setup file is now bigger due to the addition of the support for devices with MIPS and SH3 CPUs.

To celebrate the first release of the new year I’d like to offer the chance to purchase the full version of Ecpc with a 20% discount on the regular price until the end of january.

All you have to do is using the promotion code CF6C33 once you add Ecpc to the virtual shopping cart on Handango.

Add to this 20% a favorable Euro/Dollar exchange rate and this looks like a great opportunity to buy the full version! 😉

Remember that the Forum is at your service for any kind of feedback or question about Ecpc or even to swap Euro coins.

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Wireless report about the Mobile Fun Awards and incoming Ecpc version 1.3

WirelessWriting the first post of the new year, was there a better way to do it than mentioning what has been the most significant event of the past year? 😉

As I received the latest issue of the magazine Wireless I was pleased to read their report about the Mobile Fun Forum 2003 and the article about the Mobile Fun Awards. You can see a scan of the page in the Reviews section.

I’ve installed and tried a lot of software for my Axim X3 lately, so I need to update the list of my Recommended Pocket PC software as soon as possible and write some comments about the Axim X3 itself, reporting also interesting results after overclocking it.

In the meantime I’ve added to the Links page a useful resource for anyone willing to get in touch with the Pocket PC world, the Pocket PC Community Newsgroups.

A last news: I’m almost ready to release the version 1.3 of Ecpc! 🙂

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