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End of The Year Thought 2005

Hurry SignSo we are at the end of the year and it’s time to sum up what’s happened in the past 12 months and to make new wishes for the future.

Lots of things happened since the last blog post. I’ve been busy working on new software projects for the so-called vertical markets, which relegated the work on the new version of Ecpc to a niche of time, but I couldn’t be more glad closing this year by mentioning that Ecpc was a finalist in the Best Software Awards 2005, the annual competition of the american Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine.

After another award rewarding Ecpc, I’d like to end this year with a thought as much simple as true at the same time, inspired by a conversation I had with a wise elder woman who’s involved in one of my projects: we’re going too fast! 🙄

Hers was a consideration about the frenzyness of modern life compared to how things went at her times.

I often think about it when I’m not be able to keep up with emails or reading all the newsletters. Sometimes I think to be suffering from the so called information overload.

With this little pearl of ancient wisdom I wish you a happy celebration of the New Year!

Enjoy it from the beginning to the end, but without hurry! 😉

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