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Around Italy On a Vespa

Vespatour 2006Wouldn’t that sound good as title for a book about a mad italian spending his summer holidays riding around Italy on a Vespa? 😉

The “why not?” factor is there, we’ll see if I’ll manage to keep the intention to write a book about the journey when I’ll be back home at the end of august.

The australian travel-writer Peter Moore did it: he wrote a nice book about the journey around Italy he did in 2002, riding a ‘61 Vespa.

Vroom with a view is the title of his book that inspired my incoming journey: I’ll start from Como and I’ll go from town to town down to Apulia, inspired by the wish to visit places of my country I hadn’t the chance to see yet.

My journey will be different from Peter’s one, starting from the Vespa: a recent GTS 250 i.e., coupled with the best GPS technology available for PDA devices. 🙂

And well.. as italian I’m supposed to have some advantages compared to an australian traveler! 😉

“Are you going alone?” was the first question my friends asked when I told them about the journey, and the best answer I could find so far is: would you feel alone walking around your neighborhood?

It will be the essence of the Vespatour: the Belpaese like my neighborhood, just a little bigger! 😉

There are a lot of people I’m going to meet along the way, some old friends and maybe new ones.

We’ll see what will happen.

I’ll be available by e-mail of course, and my PDA will be a fundamental tool during the journey.

Have a sunny august!

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