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i-muse Awarded at EuroP.A.!

First prize in the category Technology – Projects, first place in the Online Award, a 1000€ voucher spendable in products and services by Maggioli Spa, articles on the magazines by Maggioli Editore and some contacts with potential customers: this is the balance of the participation of i-muse in the IQU Award at the event EuroP.A. in Fiera di Rimini! 🙂

Prizes that motivate and stimulate the whole team for the simple reason we see a real appreciation for the work done until now.

A big thank you to who voted for i-muse in the Online Award. Each vote was important since the difference from the second place was pretty tight.

In the photo you can see me holding up the prizes just received from Marcello Balzani, chief editor of the Paesaggio Urbano magazine.

Now we have to focus even more on i-muse to come up to everyone’s expectations! 😉

Premiazione EuroPA


Vespatour 2006 Part 2: Turin

I uploaded the second gallery of my solo journey around Italy on a Vespa, 60 photos taken walking among the most beautiful places of Turin on august 4, 2006.

Here are the photos, each one with a caption, geo-referenced on Google Maps and you can even rate it or leave a comment! 🙂

In the meantime the exhibition of the 10 Vespas at the Iper of Grandate is doing well, people stop reading the descriptions out of curiosity. 😉

Vespa Iper



Vespatour 2006 Part 1: Milan and Turin

The first photo gallery related to the Vespatour, 56 photos taken in Milan and in Turin, is online, while the rest will be available the next days.

I’d like to invite you to view the photos, each one has something to tell.

Also they are geo-referenced, which means you can see where I took them thanks to Google Maps, simply by clicking on the Map This! button.

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The Corriere Economia’s 109 Innovative Entrepreneurs

Corriere EconomiaI was surprised when Cleto Orefice, the Virtual Tailor in Cernobbio, told me that on the Corriere Economia published on monday, march 12, we were both included in the list of the 109 italian entrepreneurs under 50 devoting themselves to innovation in all its aspects.

I asked myself: what the hell I’m doing among people such as Catia Bastioli, Stefano Quintarelli, Paolo Barberis and others? 😯

In the article, which you can read here: page 1, page 2 and page 3, they published a profile of the first 30s of the chart, while for the others there’s a brief description of their activity. I’m mentioned as “Davide Orlando, founder of Albegor (that’s my nickname actually!), who creates interactive guides for museums“.

I really like that creates and the mention makes me very proud. Please allow me a joke, however: surely I’m not the richest at all among the people in the list! 😉

Money is not necessarily the purpose for me but it’s certainly a tool, sometimes the only one, to actually make things.

I say this because the difficulties I faced to get to this point, almost ready to launch an innovative product such as i-muse, have been a lot.

A mention on the Corriere Economia is welcome then. I’d really like to meet the other innovative entrepreneurs mentioned. I could learn a lot from them! 🙂

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Vote for i-muse for the IQU Award

Premio IQUInnovation and Urban Quality, this is the theme of one of the awards for excellences which will be given during the event EuroP.A. taking place in Fiera di Rimini at the end of march.

An event having its target on innovation and valorization of the results of projects related to the public administration.

In this context there’s the IQU Award, composed of prizes which will be assigned according to the two main categories of works already made and to be made, then divided for thematic areas: Technology, Mobility, City and Architecture.

We submitted i-muse in the Technology category, but also for the special prize “Designing for everyone“. We take this into a lot of consideration since the usability of i-muse is one of the strong points of the product.

There’s also the Online Award in which users visiting the dedicated area of the site can cast their preference after reading the presentation documents of the projects submitted.

You can vote for i-muse if you like the project as a whole or even for a more specific motivation, such as the logo, how it is pronounced, if you like a member of the team, etc… 😉

Cast you vote!

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10 Vespas Under the Big I

The chance has been unexpected: the Vespa Club Como has been invited to exhibit 10 Vespas belonging to the club members at the shopping mall Iper of Grandate, in the province of Como.

Vespas from 1957 to nowadays and… there’s even my Vespa under the big I! 😀

For three weeks, until Easter, my Vespa GTS will be there with the graphics you can see below, made to illustrate the journey around Italy I did last summer.
The windshield is a bit scratched, but it’s the one I did the journey with, my sail, so I didn’t replace it.
It’ll be hard not being able to ride my Vespa for three weeks! 🙂

Along with the exhibition, the Iper staff organized an contest and the prizes are new Vespas LX 50 and a huge chocolate egg. 😯

Get there and have a look!


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How Do You Say i-muse?

i-museYou should pronounce it like this, as Greta says it, a beautiful little blonde jewel! 🙂

She’s the two years old daughter of my cousin Alex, a cousin like a brother since we know each other since I was born.

I heard pronouncing i-muse in different ways since we announced the product together with the logo.

Someone at the Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico in Como, where we’re incubated, thought we played some kind of music 😯 since i-muse recalled the name of the famous pop band, the Muse, author of the song Starlight, one of my favorites.

i-muse is actually the short version of Interactive Museum, but there’s also the assonance with the verb “to amaze” and also it can recall the classic inspirer muse.

A small kiss to Greta then, our voice of truth. 😉

We’ll surely amaze you with i-muse, we’re almost there!

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Best Wishes from the i-muse Team

I mean the Christmas holidays… yes, because the email we sent before Christmas with the team’s best wishes granted us the 4° prize of the XMas Email Awards 2006 contest organized by Wireless.

Now that the prize has been delivered to our office, a 5 Megapixels FIAT digital camera with a sub case :o, I’d like to thank the organizers and the jury.

The case is really nice, we’re almost sorry of opening it and use the camera for the immersions into the Lake of Como some mad guy among us already proposed to test the underwater capabilities of the camera. :mrgreen:

After all what could you expect from someone writing in the Christmas best wishes email:

… the three mad guys of the i-muse team, the innovative PDA guide for museums and art exhibitions, so mad to believe their project will succeed simply because they believe in it, wish you:…“? 😉

You can see the graphics made by Luca and the other winners on the site of the contest.

XMas Email Awards

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The Virtual Tailor in Cernobbio Featured on La Provincia

Sartoria OreficeAfter the mention on Business People, the brief article on L’Espresso and the interview on RaiDue, even the local daily newspaper La Provincia wrote about this now famous mythological character. 🙂

An article emphasizing the long tradition of the Sartoria Orefice through the words of Mr. Lino Orefice which belongs to the series of articles devoted to innovation projects completed with success since the Centro Volta’s IComo initiative was born less than one year ago.

When the articles was published, on November 30th 2006, I thought something was missing: at least a mention as the author of the hardware and software system born from Cleto Orefice’s idea which now allows the tailor shop to work in a totally different way. 😕

I would have loved to see that not only for personal pride, but also because I’d like to repeat the experience with another local artigianal company willing to start an innovation project by using informatics tools.

Also it has been the result of a great team work and in my opinion this was a chance to highlight the Centro Volta’s role as an effective aggregator of local skills, the mission of IComo.

Maybe it’s better getting back to work and don’t be concerned too much about that, focusing instead on the message this article gave to readers: the tailor in Cernobbio is an example to follow! 🙂

Consider that Mr. Lino, who always had an active role in the project thanks to his experience, works since 60 years and shows his invaluable irony whenever he reads of people complaining about the increase of the retirement age.

He represents an example to follow for me! 😉


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