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Beppe Grillo’s Modern Slaves

Schiavi ModerniI was waiting for Beppe Grillo’s book since even I have been a “modern slave“, a underpaid worker, without any contractual guaranties and to the mercy of superiors making their arrogance their unique way to get listened.

Beppe Grillo’s initiative was born to give voice to the stories of more than 400 young workers, often with a degree, which don’t seem true such is the humiliation level in many cases. 😯

The book is well structured in different sections dealing with problems going from black work to “forced” VAT accounts, from escaping brains to mobbing by superiors.

Such witnesses don’t paint a nice picture of the italian work market at all.

They say that who critics his country the most is actually the one who loves it the most, and italians are pretty good at this ;), but the real situation is really bad, we definitely need a Reset as Grillo says!

Initiatives like this not only helps to give voice to a generation of young precarious but also to start a reaction aimed to change things.

Great Beppe, keep it up! 😉


Vespatour 2006 Part 9: Vinci and Florence

FirenzeAfter three nights spent in Lucca, the Vespatour continued into the hearth of Tuscany towards Florence, passing by Vinci, where a museum dedicated to Leonardo is located, and then in Anchiano, where I visited the birth place of the tuscan genius.

In the afternoon of august 13 I entered for the first time in the Uffizi Gallery, a place so full of masterpieces, the Birth of Venus by Botticelli above all, that once out I think I felt the symptoms of the Stendhal’s syndrome: “What I’ve seen!” I was repeating to myself while walking in the town center.

A pretty chaotic town in august, it was much better riding my Vespa in the surrounding campaign. 😉

The 52 photos of the ninth gallery of the journey I did to discover the wonders of the Belpaese are online.

Enjoy them! 🙂

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i-muse Financed by Saturno

SaturnoSome weeks ago I was reading that the astral conjunctions were pretty against my zodiacal sign, the Lion, and that Saturn was the bad planet according to the horoscopes. 😯

However, fortune wanted that it was Regione Lombardia’s Saturn Project to actually bring some luck to the project I devoted myself together with my team in the last months!

They published an official chart of the entrepreneurial projects admitted to the Action 2 of the Saturn Project providing the financing of the 70% of the immaterial expenses of the financial plan submitted. 😀

Reading my name in the top section of the chart was a satisfaction, even more considering that the number of the submissions was pretty high.

After the useful courses I attended in Mantua for the Action 1 of the Saturn Project, this is a great news that makes all the i-muse team more at ease about the expenses we have to face in order to complete the PDA guide and begin its promotion.

We’re almost there! 😉

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7th National Vespa Meeting Town of Mantua

Vespa Club MantovaBeing in the middle of more than 500 people sharing the same passion for a two wheels transportation vehicle become legend was a feeling I wouldn’t ever thought to feel when I purchased my Vespa GTS exactly two years ago. 🙂

On last sunday, together with Egidio and Andrea, two members of the Vespa Club Como, I attended the 7th National Vespa Meeting organized by the Vespa Club Mantova, a town that reserved for me some other pleasant surprises thanks to the Saturn Project.

The day was intense and even more pleasant thanks to the fact that I finally met again the three Vespa riders from Mantua I met by chance in Tuscany during the Vespatour: Alberto, Angelo and Claudio. 😀

To them I send special thanks for their welcoming and see you soon to the next meeting, the Vespa World Days in San Marino!


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The Virtual Tailor Ready for the Real Market

The handshake with Cleto Orefice, the “Virtual Tailor in Cernobbio”, celebrates the delivery of the latest version of the Net-tailor software, right in front of the system made with the scientific coordination of the Centro Volta, in particular with the engineer Matteo Baracani.

While I was implementing a series of modifications and improvements he requested, Cleto began studying the market and setting up the marketing plan, fundamental elements to be able to place his innovative system on the market.

From what I’ve seen so far the favorable conditions do exist and the system could be soon deployed in Italy and abroad.

A real good luck to Cleto the virtual tailor then! 🙂

For the technical side of things he already knows he can count on me. 😉

Davide Cleto

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