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George, would you like to try i-muse?

Museo della SetaSomething was missing in the article about i-muse published on last saturday by the daily newspaper La Provincia: all the names of the team members thanks to whom we got up to this point!

So I wrote a letter for the Letters to the Director feature, thanking the team and pointing out that we’ll continue the invitation-only usability tests at the Educational Silk Museum in Como during the whole august, so even the people who now are busy at work will be able to find the time to come and try the videoguide and discover the wonders of a museum so little known by the people living in Como.

In the letter I also invited the famous american actor George Clooney, who’s spending the holidays in his Villa Oleandra in Laglio, to come and try i-muse and visit the museum.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find him in the gallery of photos we’re shooting during the tests! 😉

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i-muse lives! on La Provincia

Museo della SetaA full page article, printed in colors, clearly conveys the enthusiasm of the journalist Chiara Sirna who previewed the videoguide at the Educational Silk Museum in Como.

After the article of the last january, the daily newspaper La Provincia didn’t waste any time and let its readers know we got to the point, i-muse lives, and we started the invitation-only usability testing phase that will last until the end of august.

We also set up a gallery of photos shot during the tests showing the invited people as they walk inside the museum with i-muse.

This will also be a good opportunity for many people living in Como to discover a museum preserving a piece of the glorious history of the town related to silk processing if they didn’t have the chance to visit it yet. 🙂

For the moment i-muse is available only for the invitation-only usability tests. I point that out since the article isn’t too clear about it.

Come to try i-muse and we hope you’ll get impressed just like Chiara, who at the end of the visit asked us surprised: “How did you manage to put the videos on the PDA?” 😀



Au revoir Valérie

Valérie, our french stagier, went back to France for her deserved holidays after she managed to get appreciations from anyone who had the chance to meet her due to her contribution to the i-muse project and not only due to her charm and pleasant french accent! 🙂

An extraordinary girl, brilliant and results-producing, qualities they recommend to search for in the people to work with and that rarely you can find in the same person.

It was a privilege working with her during these three months, not only because she has a so vital attitude that looks the opposite of his italian surname ;), but also because you could talk about anything with her: from business planning to Rfid technology, to french cuisine, or even about John Gray’s books. 😉

Also thanks to her the number of left-handers in the i-muse team became equal: 3 vs 3 as you can see in the photo shot to celebrate the start of the tests as well as her departure.

Her thesis about the use of technology for the valorization of cultural goods, that she’ll discuss in september in Italy, almost looks like a celebration for i-muse, in a natural way however, since the studies and the market trends are reporting that the odds for our product are good in this specific sector.

A big thank you for what you did: Au revoir Valérie!



Come to Try i-muse!

This is the graphics made by Luca to invite people to try i-muse at the Educational Silk Museum in Como. 🙂

Now it’s your turn to judge our work, a hard work, complex, which involved many people and now it’s condensed in 50 minutes of PDA guided visit to one of the most fascinating museums in Como.

At the end of the visit we’ll ask you to fill a feedback questionnaire. This and the careful observation of your behavior while you’ll be using i-muse will help us understanding if and how making modifications to improve the guide.

We’re organizing the tests by appointment and they’ll be free of charge of course, so if you’d like to book for the test you can write to

The virtual guide is waiting to tell you with an appealing voice “Welcome to the i-muse system“… 😉

Test i-muse

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Vespa World Days 2007 and 2nd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como

1050 kilometers in three days riding my Vespa: it’s the result of the journey made together with 11 Vespa riders of the Vespaclub Como to join the Vespa World Days 2007, the international gathering organized this year in San Marino.

More than 3000 Vespa riders, a wonderful weather, a nice company and specials such as Nicola L’impennatore and the Arrotino from the Vespaclub Biella made the three days a memorable experience.

It was as funny as the 2nd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como on june 24, a day in which taking pics was my duty for the club. Gathering in Como, aperitif in Menaggio and then in Grandola e Uniti for the lunch: 300 Vespa fans enjoyed the sight of the lake and the organization of the event, including the Vespazza Award, “la Vespa più Bonazza”, given to the nicest girl on a Vespa. 😀

If you’re in a hurry these are the best 3 of the two events.

Vespa World Days 07Nicola l'impennatoreVespa Raduno Como 07


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