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A Night at the Museum 2007

Notte al Museo 2007By reading the name of the event maybe someone will recall the movie with Ben Stiller.

Actually it’s an event involving 250 museums in Lombardia, each one offering different cultural initiatives: free guided tours, musical events, videos, exhibitions and degustations.

If I hadn’t had to be at the Educational Silk Museum of Como for the scheduled public presentation of i-muse at 18:30 I would be really pleased to attend some of the events!

I’m just joking, it’ll be an important event for us. 🙂

The staff of “our” museum is very active lately to say the least. On wednesday 20 they inaugurated a wonderful temporary exhibition dedicated to a collection of american bags from 1930 to 1970, while on wednesday 27 it’ll be the turn of the second edition of the bobbin lace competition.

Three reasons, two exhibitions and the presentation of i-muse, good enough to choose the Educational Silk Museum of Como among the numerous cultural offerings on saturday 29 september.

I’ll be waiting for you together with the i-muse team for our first Night at the Museum! 😉

PS: After the interview on Telereporter even the local broadcast Espansione TV dedicated us a brief but effective two minutes long service during the evening news.

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The Gallery of i-muse Testers

GretaIn july and august we invited more than 70 people to the Educational Silk Museum of Como to complete the usability tests for i-muse, a fundamental step of the project which absorbed me completely and allowed us to refine the software in its different components.

Thanks to all the people who come and enjoyed using i-muse. Thanks also to the museum’s staff who has always been kind and welcomed our testers.

Testers have been impressed by the overall quality of our video guide, as if they didn’t expect a result of a such level, a result obtained by a group of five young people who are “playing” as entrepreneurs. 😉

Enthusiastic for the video guide, at the end of the visit with i-muse, someone often commented about the workers’ labour inside factories in the recent past.

Now that usability tests are completed the second step is waiting for us: promoting what we did so far and setting up a competitive commercial offer.

The way is still a long one, as the experts tell us…



Vespatour 2006 Part 13: Assisi

Being able to see the “knight with the bowed head” was actually one of the reasons that made me stop in Assisi for a couple of nights during the Vespatour.

My italian literature professor at Lyceum often talked about Assisi, San Francesco and his conversion from a knight to a humble monk.

The sculpture placed in the area in from of the beautiful Basilica Superiore of Assisi symbolizes this conversion.

Not too far from there, the Eremo delle Carceri is a place where you can breathe the spirituality of the Franciscan life in every corner, from the openings in the woods where the monks gathered to pray, to the cells where they rested.

At the Eremo I met a monk who told me “you walked a long way, I can see it!”, he showed me the ancient refectory and then he told me another thing, a sort of a compliment, words I can’t forget and that I’ll keep for myself until I’ll write the book about the journey. 😉

Here are the 45 pictures of the thirteen gallery of the Vespatour.




Interview on Telereporter

The chance has been as much unexpected as important: together with Davide Marrone, author of the now celeb Skebby, I’ve been interviewed by the journalist Stefano Peduzzi for the TV broadcast Estate con Reporter! 😀

I talked about i-muse and the work we did at the Educational Silk Museum of Como.

In the studio there was also Prof. Mario Benassi of the Università degli Studi di Milano and Giovanni Giovannini, vice mayor in Corsico, who presented an innovative method to remove graffiti.

It was a long and challenging interview. I hope my performance was a good one and I managed to shown the competitive points that make i-muse great: here are the videos so that you can see for yourself! 😉