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Togunà Interactive S.r.l. Is Born!


It’s a dream turning into reality: a new technological company is born, gathering five professionals and offering i-muse as its first product! 😀

In this entrepreneurial adventure I involved Guido, Luca, Paolo and Samantha together with me. Five young guys from Como with complementary skills who try because they believe they can succeed.

What does Togunà mean?

Suggested by Guido, who also gave birth to the name i-muse ;), it’s an african word indicating the “house of wisdom“, a sort of covered place such as the one in the picture, where the wise men of Dogon villages in Mali get together to have a talk.

A simple name, easy to explain and with a proper meaning if we recall the weekly evening meetings we regularly have since we started working on i-muse.

The company is just a starting point, although with a solid base, since we built a lot until now thanks to the work done to create a product such as i-muse.

Now we’re on the market, ready to take care of the first customer, and I, as President of the Management Board, feel at the same time the burden and the honor to give my best in order to continue in this adventure together with my partners!

Finger crossed and thanks to our supporters! 😀


i-muse Featured on Comoe20’s WebTV

ComoE20.tvThe guys who launched the portal decided to interview us for their WebTV. 🙂

They came to the Educational Silk Museum of Como to see the videoguide in action and ask us if we made the system with our sole forces or someone helped us out.

Although the number of people involved in the project who supported us is relevant, from the Politecnico to the Chamber of Commerce of Como, to the Educational Silk Museum’s staff, the investment in terms of time and money has been entirely by ourselves.

It’s something pretty surprising actually. Five youngers from Como who try to play as entrepreneurs starting with a product aimed to a difficult market, especially in Italy: we’re actually inventing our work! 😉

This is the message of the nice video edited by’s staff and we hope the people will get it.


Vespatour 2006 Part 14: Norcia, Melezzole and Le Marmore

Le MarmoreWhen I was in Toronto three weeks ago I didn’t miss the opportunity to view the Niagara Falls. They recalled me the impressive sight of the Marmore Falls I stared at last year during the Vespatour.

On august 19th, after the visit to Assisi, my solo-journey continued towards Rome, while discovering some of the Umbria’s wonders along the way. I visited Norcia, the town of San Benedetto, a place known for its sausages and ham made from wild boar and pork, and I spent the night in a bed&breakfast in Melezzole di Montecchio.

Rested and restored, the following day I continued the journey on my Vespa and I spent the morning breathing the fresh air surrounding the Marmore Falls area, the natural wonder I already wrote about on the blog.

Here are the 51 photos of the fourteenth gallery of my Vespatour.

As with each gallery, the pictures are geo-localized, which means you just have to click on the map this! button to view their position on Google Maps. 🙂

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