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i-muse at Fabermeeting in Turin

Fabermeetingi-muse was among the 30 finalists of the Faber contest, a national competition for creative projects organized by the town of Turin with the support of Regione Piemonte.

Among the three project categories, audiovisual, animations and web, i-muse was in the third one, since it included interactive graphical environments both online and offline.

The prize for the web category went, with good advice in my opinion, to the site.

Apart from the result, attending the contest has been a positive experience, since I spent three days among meetings and workshops at the Virtual Reality and Multi Media Park of Turin.

Other than some contacts with companies that examined the works and showed an interest for the videoguide, it was really interesting meeting and discussing with other young creative finalists, a lot of them in the thirties. 😉

In particular I hope I’ll be able to collaborate with some professionals already working in the Turin area in the arts sector.

The works of the finalists were very good, I hope they will be soon available on the contest site.

My best greetings and good luck to all the people I met in Turin!


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