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Il Vespatour in Diretta Radio a New Generation

New GenerationAfter 20 galleries for a total of 1004 photos, the Vespatour went even live on the radio! 😀

On tuesday, april 30, together with Melly and Marti, speakers of the New Generation feature on Radio Codogno, and DJ Giancarlo, we talked about the solo-journey riding my Vespa around Italy I did on august 2006.

I love radio as a communication media, since it leaves a lot to the listener’s imagination, and in this case the challenge was making interesting an experience that I mainly reported through photos until now.

I think the number of questions and answers about the most curious parts of the journey, as well as the phone calls with Marco and Valentina, two friends I met during the stops in Tuscany, made the show dynamic and interactive. 🙂

There were even some funny moments, thanks to the two nice speakers, and special touches such as broadcasting songs best suited to the main stops of the journey.

It was my first time on air, and that didn’t make things easy for me, but I won’t tell you anything else, download the recording of the italian show and enjoy listening it! 😉

Audio quality is far from perfect at the beginning, but it gets better after the first minutes.