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3rd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como

500 Vespas charging on the streets of Como, the third edition of a great show, organized by the Vespa Club of Como on june 29.

It was an intense day: from the “Vespinta – throwing the Vespa” quiz game, to the parade on the streets of Como, to the aperitif in Brunate, to the lunch at the restaurant Gnocchetto in Tavernerio and to the award ceremony with prizes for the numerous Vespa clubs and the Vespazza, the hottest Vespa-girl! 🙂

For me it was the second meeting organized by the club I’m a member of, and just as two years ago, my duty was to take photos. This year however, Chiara, a friend of mine, took care of it, while I was driving my Vespa and stopping in places where she could take the best shots.

Long live to the Vespa Club of Como! 😀