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Euro Coin Collection HD Update 1.1

Euro Coin Collection HD iPadVersion 1.1 of Euro Coin Collection HD is on the App Store!

This update adds the eagerly awaited support for the Retina display of 3rd and 4th generation iPads, which means graphics 4 times more detailed than the previous version and even 8 times if compared to the graphics currently used on iPhone 3GS.

After getting past the wow-effect caused by the new graphics, I invite you to use the app in landscape mode. Many users find more comfortable using their iPad in this way.

Other than all the improvements and corrections recently added to the latest iPhone version, there’s also the 2 Euro commemorative coin “Royal Wedding”, the last of 2012, issued by Luxemburg in december. Soon I’ll release a small update of the iPhone version, 1.5.1, that will include this coin.

But there’s one more thing coming soon for Apple and Euro coins fans. I anticipated it in the app presentation, in a last slide named “One more thing…“.
Steve Jobs made this sentence famous: at the end of his presentations of Apple products he was used to give the public an additional surprise.
I hope I learned well from his example… take at look a the last slide! 😉

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