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Euro Coin Collection Update 1.8

Euro Coin Collection for Mac, iPad and iPhoneEuro Coin Collection, the suite of apps dedicated to collectors for Mac, iPad and iPhone, has been updated!

20 new 2-Euro commemorative coins of the 2014 have been added, already issued or announced.

This year, important historical events are featured, such as the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing, the 100th since the beginning of World War I and the 25th of the fall of the Berlin wall.
Renaissance art is well represented thanks to the 500th anniversary of the death of Bramante.

Other than the eagerly awaited 2014 commemoratives, two new countries adopted the Euro this year: Andorra and Latvia. Latvia has already planned to issue its first 2-Euro commemorative coin dedicated to Riga, european capital of culture 2014.

Also, three countries modified the design of the national side of their standard coins: Belgium, Netherlands and Vatican. Probably even Spain will follow, given the recent abdication of King Juan Carlos.

Since this update, the graphics of the apps change.
It isn’t just a matter of aesthetic tastes: less saturated colors, transparencies and a flat-style design of the user interface help to better concentrate on what matters the most, the contents.

A little usability note: now the mini-albums dedicated to greek and german mint marks can be opened with a single tap on the handle, without having to drag it anymore.

New contents, new graphics and all the marketing materials updated accordingly: descriptions, screenshots, press release and the Facebook page.

A lot of work that required time, so thanks to collectors for their patience and to anyone willing to share the news! 🙂

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