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Euro Coin Collection Update 2.1

Euro Coin Collection for Mac, iPad and iPhoneEuro Coin Collection, the suite of apps dedicated to collectors for Mac, iPad and iPhone, has been updated again!

12 new 2-Euro commemorative coins of the 2015 have been added, thus completing the series of independent emissions of each country.

Among them there’s the coin issued by Monaco to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the construction of the fortress on the rock, which is expected to have very high prices.

The 19 2-Euro commemorative coins of the common emission dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the European flag have also been added.

The design selected as winner by a public voting shows twelve stars that morph into human figures and embrace the European flag, a symbol that unites people and cultures with shared visions and ideals for a better common future.

With this update, the total of 2-Euro commemorative coins reached the number of 231.

To the next update (soon)! 🙂

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