I’m Davide “Albegor”, consultant, software developer, Vespa rider, a dreamer like many others… what else?
Well, a blogger writing posts to collect memories and experiences, hoping they might be useful to someone else in the process. 🙂

Here’s my business card, made by Benna, a talented italian artist who worked in the games development industry since the Amiga times.

He restyled the C language-like expression I sketched to describe the key components needed to make quality software: ideas, technical skills and passion.

He also made the logo with the hand and the disc representing digital creativity. The hand in fact comes from the famous Michelangelo’s fresco La Creazione di Adamo.
If you look closely, the lightning has the shape of the Lake of Como, the town where I was born.

As background he choose a picture of an Amiga monitor and an expert eye will notice the Moiré effect.

People usually look at the card with curiosity, so that’s what it means. 🙂

Business Card

And what about Albegor?

It’s the name I invented for my first Advanced Dungeon & Dragons character, back when I started playing role-playing games with friends, long before computers and online gaming changed the experience.
That’s his stain reproduction in the picture below. He was a Ranger, and even today he keeps the secret of the bizarre etimology of his name… 😉