Animazione 3D and AnimatiComo

AnimaticomoToday I attended the first of the three presentations of AnimatiComo, an event organized by the Polytechnic of Como and some people interested in computer animation. Among them Nicolò Ceccarelli and Daniele Bigi, authors of the book Animazione 3D which I’m now reading.

The guest of today was the japanese artist Fusako Yusaki, a brilliant mind expressing her creativity by using plastiline to produce stunning animations with the stop motion technique. She briefly talked about her long career and his love for Italy where she lives since many years.

His relation with computer graphics technology, the basic theme of the event, is limited, but the purpose of Ceccarelli was showing to students this peculiar side of animation and in my opinion he did it right since it has been a great pleasure hearing Mrs. Fusako talking about his art and his passion with the enthusiasm and the vitality of a girl. 🙂

Next week the main guest will be David Iglesias, while the following there will be the great Bruno Bozzetto.

A curious detail: the green ball in the logo of AnimatiComo is supposed to be made of plastiline as a homage to the kind Mrs. Fusako.

Back to my works, which doesn’t involve plastiline at all as a mean of expression, but rather bits and pieces of code, although I must say they can contain the same level of imperfections ;), everything is getting ready for the release of version 1.5 of EcPc, both in VGA and QVGA.

As I wrote in the forum I set the release date on may 16th. See you on monday then! 🙂


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