Euro coins pocket collector Announcements

Announcements of the release of Ecpc are showing up around the web, and with great pleasure I’ve seen them posted on Aximsite and Pocket PC Italia.

Now I’m contacting european webzines in particular, since they will be getting special “localized” versions of the Demo.

The “localized” means that instead of being able to access the national side menu of only austrian and italian Euros, as it happens in the official Demo, those versions will have access to the national side menu of the coins of the webzine’s country, instead of the italian coins (austrian coins must be always present for technical reasons).

I bet there will certainly be someone willing to get all the different Demo versions and this gives me an idea about a nice contest!

Collecting Euro coins is fun, so why don’t you try to collect all the Ecpc Demos? 😉

More details later!

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