Light Up Only Your Dreams Announced

LoydHere we go with another update planned since a long time. 😉

Today has been a sort of D-day in Italy since it came into force the law forbidding smoke in public locals.

There have been a lot of talk about it lately, with different opinions on both sides, smokers and non-smokers, often losing sight of the real meaning of this law just like only we italians can do: it’s a law which expresses a strong civic sense since it represents a victory of the respect for the good health of non-smokers.

Something that has no relation at all with the argumentations of smokers who (consciously) forget their affection is not a bad habit, but a deadly disease actually.

But what does this have to to with me?

Well, passive smoke did affect me negatively for the last years, then there could ever have been a better time to announce my new educational software application I was planning to build in the last months? 8)

Given its educational nature and my strong commitment to the subject matter this will be a totally No Profit work.

You can get more info about this project in the products page. All I can add for now is that this project, called “Light Up Only Your Dreams” will proceed as quickly as I’ll manage to organize priorities during the next months, but a release for the 31st may, the World No Tobacco Day looks too good to be true!

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