#GPI Best Tutorial Contest participation announcement

GPIThose of you interested in getting started with the development of Pocket PC applications, and in particular whoever sent me an e-mail asking “I’ve downloaded the Embedded Visual Tools, now what?”, will be happy to know that I’m writing an introductory, but exhaustive, tutorial about Pocket PC development for the Best Tutorial Contest hosted by #GameProg-Ita, the best Italian resource for wanna be game developers.

Here’s the abstract of the tutorial:

“The purpose of the tutorial will be to provide to the wanna be developer of entertainment software for the handheld platform Pocket PC, the basic concepts related to the distinctive features of such platform, to the available development tools and programming languages, in particular the Microsoft’s Embedded Visual Tools and the related SDKs, including the small GAPI (Game API) library, which contains the functions to access the hardware at low level, something fundamental for any game of medium complexity.
It will also be included a brief analysis of the Pocket PC software market, and the opportunities this new mobile platform offers to independent developers.”

It will be my little contribution to the small italian game development community, but not only for them, since once the contest will be over I’ll translate the tutorial in english and I’ll publish it here on the site.

As if I hadn’t enough work to do, the deadline for the contest is the 15th October… but I’ll make it! 😉

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