Euro Coin Collection – with 2Euro Commemoratives – for Mac

Euro Coin Collection

Euro Coin Collection is the Mac application designed for Euro coins fans.

View all the coins at a glance in an interactive album and easily manage your Own, Want and Swap lists.

Since the introduction of the Euro in 2002, many people started collecting coins because each country has a different design for the national side.

With 24 countries using the Euro as currency, the last being Croatia (2023), collecting all the coins became a real challenge!

The app has been designed both for amateur collectors and numismatic professionals.

Amateurs will have a new and easy way to discover and collect coins, even by just checking their change.

Professionals will take care of the finest details, from grading to mint marks and special variants, such as Vatican’s “Sede Vacante” series issued in 2005 and in 2013.

All the news and updates!

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All the features in detail:


  • Support for full screen view

    The user interface automatically adapts to windowed or full screen mode.


  • iCloud synchronization

    You can rely upon iCloud services to keep you collection data safe and in-synch among different iOS devices.
    Anyway, you can always save or restore the collection file from iTunes, in the documents sharing section.


  • Interactive album to view all Euro coins at a glance

    All the coins at a glance is the distinctive feature of the app: you can view the details of each coin with just 1 swipe and 1 touch.
    3 buttons allows to quickly filter coins by collection type, year of issue, and grade.


  • Special mini-albums for german and greek mintmarks

    Coins from Germany with mintmarks A, D, F, G, J and coins from Greece issued in 2002 with mintmarks E, F, S have now mini-albums to view them all at a glance.
    Just drag the handle located beneath the flags of these two countries to activate the mini-albums.


  • Detailed images of more than 460 different coin designs

    You can zoom into the details of each high resolution design with simple gestures: pinch to zoom and double tap to quickly switch between the minimum and maximum zoom.
    All the designs of the national sides of the 24 Euro-area countries are included, both standard coins and 2 Euro Commemoratives. For each design a short text describes its features.


  • Easily manage your Own, Swap and Want lists

    You can easily manage your collection distinguishing among coins you Own, coins you’d like to Swap or coins you’d Want.
    In the interactive album it’s simple to select a collection type or a combination of them, such as for example the one showing coins you Want and Own at the same time.


  • Year, grade, mint mark and edge type for each coin

    Other than the year of issue, it’s easy to set the edge type of 2 Euros, A or B (inverted), determined by keeping the coin with the common face upward and looking at the edge inscription.
    Included are the mostly used grades: (CIR) Circulated, (EF) Extremely Fine, (AU) Almost Uncirculated, (FDC) Fleur De Coin, (BU) Brilliant Uncirculated, (PR) Proof.
    German an Greek coins can also be distinguished by the mark on the face, according to the mint they come from.


  • Maps and info about 24 Euro area countries

    Maps you can zoom in an out with gestures and texts with information useful to get an overview about the selected country.
    You just have to tap on a flag!


  • Localized in 7 languages: english, german, french, italian, dutch, portuguese, spanish

    Seven languages to make the app even more accessible. “United in diversity” is the motto of the European Union.


  • Fully functional when offline

    No Internet connection is required to enjoy the app.



Useful Resources for Collectors


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  1. #1 by Albegor on February 4, 2024 - 10:40 am

    Changes in version 4.6 (Released on July 12, 2024):

    – Added 5 2-Euro commemorative issued in 2024:

    • Croatia: Varaždin
    • Greece: Restoration of democracy
    • Greece: Penelope Delta
    • Portugal: Olympic Games
    • Vatican: Saint Thomas Aquinas

    – Added pictures and descriptions to coin variants
    – Updated mintage data

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