Rationalism in the Province of Como

Rationalism in the Province of Como
Welcome to Lake Como!
Between Como and Tremezzo, are the most well-known works of Italian Rationalism, an important European architectural current that developed in Italy between the 20s and the 40s of the twentieth century.

Professional storytellers will guide you to the discovery of the buildings designed by Giuseppe Terragni, Cesare Cattaneo, Pietro Lingeri, Gianni and Enrico Mantero located in the Lake Como area.

Multimedia tour among the rationalist architecture of the twentieth century in the province of Como, made as part of the “Progetto Integrato d’Area (PIA) “Ecolarius. Diffondere la cultura dell’ambiente e del paesaggio tra lago e montagna” of the Programma Operativo di Competitività POR-FESR 2007-2013 for the Piani Integrati d’Area “environment, heritage, tourism”.
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  • 13 points of interest about Rationalism in the province of Como

    The tour includes the buildings located in the so-called “rationalist district” of Como, such as the House of Fascism, the Monument to the Fallen, the Novocomum, the Giuliani-Frigerio House, as well as the Sant’Elia nursery school in the San Rocco district.
    It continues passing by Cernobbio, where Cattaneo House can be seen, and ends in the Tremezzo area, where the Houses for Artists on the Comacina Island, Villa Leoni in Ossuccio, Villa Silvestri and Villa Amila in Tremezzo, are described


  • 55 minutes of audio in english, italian and german

    Professional storytellers Luca Grandelis, Garth Kennedy and Birgit Röhricht describe the most interesting features and details of rationalist buildings, using a clear language, undestandable by all tourists and architecture enthusiasts.


  • 350 pictures and drawings

    Pictures and drawings come from a selection of more than 1070 images provided by the archives of rationalist architects and photo studios, some of them never published until now.


  • Original script and subtitles in english, italian and german

    All the contents are subtitled in each language of the application, thus allowing for example to listen to the italian audio while reading english subtitles.


  • Information about tickets and opening times

    Each point of interest has and info sheet containing essential information to contact and visit the building or monument.


  • Can be used in off-line mode

    Once downloaded, an Internet connection isn’t required anymore to use the app.



Podcast Rationalism in the Province of Como

A podcast with all the audio files in Mp3 format is available through the web interface:


The podcast is also on iTunes, in the “Society & Culture > Places & Travel” category.
To find it and subscribe, just search for the word rationalism in the iTunes search field.

Pictures from the app launch, september 2013


Corriere di Como - Rationalist SmartphonesLuca Grandelis and Garth Kennedy at the Antiquarium of OssuccioVisit to the Houses for Artists on the Comacina Island, Type BCorriere di Como - Willkommen am Comer See


Initiative co-financed with PORL FESR 2007/2013 resources


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