Articles on La Provincia and Newsletter Subscription Invitation

LaProvinciaIt has been a busy week after the release of the new version of EcPc, and although I hadn’t much time to do marketing activities, it has been appreciated not only by owners of high-end VGA devices, but also by the users of the QVGA version, as you can read from the comment Jim Bruce posted on Handango.

On tuesday the local daily newspaper La Provincia published the letter I wrote to reply to a couple ones discussing about multimedia piracy. It’s a very delicate matter and I tried to describe my position both as a consumer and as a software developer. I’ll dedicate a separate space on the site about this soon, in the meantime you can read the reply to my letter written by one of the two original readers.

Then on thursday they published my full page article about the presentation of Windows Mobile 5.0, codename Magneto, and the smaller one about the big growth of the PDA market in the first quarter of the year.

Window Mobile 5.0 is really big news. I just got Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and I’m having a good look at the new SDKs and to the stand-alone emulator in particular, then I’ll write more about this. The logo of the Beta Experience program is really curious: it’s a bug! :mrgreen:

I’m now using Dada Mail, a excellent free software for mailing list management, to send newsletters both in italian and in english, so I’d like to invite you to subscribe to the one of your interest if you’d like to be updated about the most important announcements such as the release of new software or even what I wrote here on the blog. 😉

The italian version of the newsletter has a generally richer content.

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