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Gardens of Lake Como – west branch 1.0 Released!

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when thinking about visiting a park or botanic garden?

For me it’s relax!

I don’t have any “green thumb” knowledge, so I couldn’t distinguish among different species of plants and flowers.

But the multitude of colors, the harmony between nature and the gardener’s work (I’d say art), are things you can appreciate even if you aren’t a botanical expert.

And you can appreciate them even more when there’s a unique panorama on the background, such as the one of Lake Como. 🙂

It’s a personal opinion confirmed by data, indicating a constant growth of the so-called Horticultural tourism, from abroad to Italy.

For these reasons I was pleased to work on the app Gardens of Lake Como – west branch, the digital edition of the paper guide made last year by the Chamber of Commerce of Como and the Province of Como, with contents by Great Italian Gardens.

This work gave me the chance to discover some gardens and parks I didn’t know and I haven’t visited yet.

For example The Garden of the Valley, hidden pearl of the nearby Cernobbio, maintained with passion by Mrs. Pupa Frati.

While designing the app interface I followed the essential style and the colors of the new logo made for the brand “Lago di Como”, presented at BIT in 2011, the international tourism fair held annually in Milan.

During this year’s edition of the fair, at the Regione Lombardia/Province of Como stand, there was a preview of the app about the gardens, more user friendly and updated than the paper guide, at least for those with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

I hope the app will be useful to discover the gardens of the area around Como, reaching more tourists, both from Italy and from abroad, than any paper guide could.

It’s free. Download it and, if you like it, please spread the word about it!

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Blog Lifting

LiftingRather than a lifting, I had to do a plastic surgery operation to the blog!

It’s a metaphor to say that I had to work a lot to fix it: I rebuilt the whole database since I couldn’t access to the WordPress control panel any more, I suspect due to a non up-to-date installation or a buggy plugin.

So I checked and fixed all the 219 posts I wrote until now, both in italian and english, fixing broken links in the process.

Reading all the posts recalled me why I’m blogging: to collect memories and experiences I lived in first person and share them, hoping they can be useful to others.

Among the “dearest” posts, for example, there’s the one I wrote for the loss of my cat Willy.

Or the one with the videos of my first interview on TV… ehi, how long ago? I looked like a boy! 😉

Or event the one I wrote when I came back from the Vespatour… well, each post has a meaning, a little story to tell.

We’re living in times where looks are everything, even too much, so I tried to choose a simple but attractive theme, customizing Fusion by digitalnature.

Useful are the two accessibility functions on the top right of the page: clicking on Aa you can chance to font size, while <> changes the page width.

I couldn’t do without a plugin to manage sharing options on main social networks, and I choose the one made by LinksKu.

I hope you appreciate the new look, but that contents are the motivation for you to come back.


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L’Aquila Will Fly Again!

Campo GloboI can say it out loud after a week spent at Campo Globo as volunteer of the civil protection and member of ANA of Como.

Campo Globo was one of the 170 tent camps built for the earthquake emergency in Abruzzo and took its name from the nearby store in the Coppito zone.

Once there, I worked at the camp office, the place where the Alpini managed the camp and thus where I was able to see different aspects of the situation.

Together with three volunteers of La Spezia’s ANA, Enrico, Attilio and camp-chief Alberto, we worked all day long from august 29th to september 5th, trying to respond to all the requests coming from the 930 residents, other than from Italian Navy and Army officers who excellently managed the two kitchens of the camp.

The human side of the experience has been the most important one: talking to people from L’Aquila and listening to their unfortunate stories and wishes to start over gave a precise meaning to the feeling of solidarity that made me leave for Abruzzo.

However, being able to see the ruins of the city center left a sense of sadness deep inside me. It wasn’t like watching them in photos or on TV at all: it will really take a lot of time for the reconstruction…

My best wishes to all the people I met during that week: the Scuola del Genio and San Marco officers, the great Alpini, and the camp residents with a soul stronger than any earthquake!

As San Marco officers wrote on the sail in the picture: The lion wants it, L’Aquila in his heart. 🙂

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3rd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como

500 Vespas charging on the streets of Como, the third edition of a great show, organized by the Vespa Club of Como on june 29.

It was an intense day: from the “Vespinta – throwing the Vespa” quiz game, to the parade on the streets of Como, to the aperitif in Brunate, to the lunch at the restaurant Gnocchetto in Tavernerio and to the award ceremony with prizes for the numerous Vespa clubs and the Vespazza, the hottest Vespa-girl! 🙂

For me it was the second meeting organized by the club I’m a member of, and just as two years ago, my duty was to take photos. This year however, Chiara, a friend of mine, took care of it, while I was driving my Vespa and stopping in places where she could take the best shots.

Long live to the Vespa Club of Como! 😀


Microblogging on Facebook

FacebookAs much as WordPress changed the way I managed and presented the blog, Facebook is now changing another fundamental component: the update rate!

I often find myself microblogging on Facebook by updating my status or filling the wall in a quick and easy way, just what I needed in order to highlight what I wasn’t able to through posts on the blog, even if visibility is limited to the network of friends.

In my opinion Facebook follows the 80/20 rule pretty well: for 20% of the time you typically use it to “nurture” your ego and for 80% to look at your friends’ activities! 😉

More or less this is my relation with a tool that in Italy is fast-growing in popularity, is generating discussions about the rise of new forms of dependence and privacy issues, but that has such a strength to be able to bring many new users on the web: without knowing it, they became micro-bloggers! 🙂


Ciao Willy!

WillyIt’s incredible how we can build a relationship as close  as with a family member with a creature so different from us human beings!

It happened with my cat Willy, and now that an obscure incurable illness has taken him away, all that’s left is the memory of the best moments spent caressing him, playing hide and seek, and why not, replying accordingly to his mewings. 🙂

Found 9 years ago in the area where they were building the Dadone complex in Como, Willy – the reddish tiger, become the family’s pet, a catalyst of our relations in times of trouble and in the course of time showed us that “divine feline detachment with which he measured himself with the things of the world”.

The quote is by Federico Roncoroni and comes from his Amici Mici published by Edizioni Ulivo, as are these lines that Willy certainly knew:

The true owner
A cat you believe you own
and he just to please you
makes you believe
he loves to be owned.
the truth lies elsewhere.
You do not own a cat,
the cat owns you.
Now that you know it,
never forget it:
you are the cat
of the cat you own.

Thanks to all my dear friends who stood by me in such a difficult time.


In Moscow with the Virtual Tailor of Cernobbio

Net-TailorWho could have ever said that I would had to install a remote station of the Net-tailor system in Moscow?

And yet we did it, everything went ok fortunately. On last saturday, together with Cleto Orefice, I flew to the russian capital and in the following two days I installed and configured the IP camera that will allow Cleto to remotely take measurements and do suits fittings for Styleguide’s customers, a company taking care of the image and style of rich people.

There were a lot of uncertainties before leaving, both from the technical and human point of view, mixed together with the appeal and mystery of a big city such as Moscow.

It wasn’t easy, but everything went well thanks to Styleguide staff, in particular their young manager and founder Ivan and his assistants Nadia and Viktoria. 🙂

I’m happy for Cleto, since his investment to make the Net-tailor system is beginning to generate profits.

Who knows where we’ll go to install the next station…



i-muse Featured on Comoe20’s WebTV

ComoE20.tvThe guys who launched the portal decided to interview us for their WebTV. 🙂

They came to the Educational Silk Museum of Como to see the videoguide in action and ask us if we made the system with our sole forces or someone helped us out.

Although the number of people involved in the project who supported us is relevant, from the Politecnico to the Chamber of Commerce of Como, to the Educational Silk Museum’s staff, the investment in terms of time and money has been entirely by ourselves.

It’s something pretty surprising actually. Five youngers from Como who try to play as entrepreneurs starting with a product aimed to a difficult market, especially in Italy: we’re actually inventing our work! 😉

This is the message of the nice video edited by’s staff and we hope the people will get it.


i-muse Presentation in Villa Olmo

Villa OlmoYesterday evening the emotion was great: we presented i-muse in the place where the idea was born: in Villa Olmo, during the 12th innovation technology matching organized by Centro Volta.

In 2004 I visited an exhibition about Mirò, the first of the great exhibitions organized in Villa Olmo, and while I was using an audioguide I got the idea to make a guide running on Pdas.

Then, in 2005, I committed to Centro Volta’s engineers a due diligence study for the project, a study that led me to search for the people to build a team.

This is the first blog post in which I wrote about the project, on march 18, 2005.

Back then the IComo initiative was at the beginning and Centro Volta’s engineers became increasingly more active in supporting local companies along the difficult, although stimulating, path to technologic innovation.

Since then a lot of things happened, and chance wanted that we presented i-muse first at the Educational Silk Museum, then in Canada, and now in the place where the idea was born.

I hope this strange combination will be a good sign for the future. 😉


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Vespa World Days 2007 and 2nd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como

1050 kilometers in three days riding my Vespa: it’s the result of the journey made together with 11 Vespa riders of the Vespaclub Como to join the Vespa World Days 2007, the international gathering organized this year in San Marino.

More than 3000 Vespa riders, a wonderful weather, a nice company and specials such as Nicola L’impennatore and the Arrotino from the Vespaclub Biella made the three days a memorable experience.

It was as funny as the 2nd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como on june 24, a day in which taking pics was my duty for the club. Gathering in Como, aperitif in Menaggio and then in Grandola e Uniti for the lunch: 300 Vespa fans enjoyed the sight of the lake and the organization of the event, including the Vespazza Award, “la Vespa più Bonazza”, given to the nicest girl on a Vespa. 😀

If you’re in a hurry these are the best 3 of the two events.

Vespa World Days 07Nicola l'impennatoreVespa Raduno Como 07


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