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Vespa World Days 2007 and 2nd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como

1050 kilometers in three days riding my Vespa: it’s the result of the journey made together with 11 Vespa riders of the Vespaclub Como to join the Vespa World Days 2007, the international gathering organized this year in San Marino.

More than 3000 Vespa riders, a wonderful weather, a nice company and specials such as Nicola L’impennatore and the Arrotino from the Vespaclub Biella made the three days a memorable experience.

It was as funny as the 2nd National Vespa Meeting Town of Como on june 24, a day in which taking pics was my duty for the club. Gathering in Como, aperitif in Menaggio and then in Grandola e Uniti for the lunch: 300 Vespa fans enjoyed the sight of the lake and the organization of the event, including the Vespazza Award, “la Vespa più Bonazza”, given to the nicest girl on a Vespa. 😀

If you’re in a hurry these are the best 3 of the two events.

Vespa World Days 07Nicola l'impennatoreVespa Raduno Como 07


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LaboratorioComo at Villa Grumello

LaboratorioComoA wonderfully restored villa, facing the enchanted sight of the lake of Como, high level speakers and a perfect organization by the Como Chamber of Commerce’s staff.

These were the ingredients of the five evenings of LaboratorioComo, the initiative wanted by Paolo de Santis, Como Chamber of Commerce’s President, aimed to educate and stimulate new entrepreneurs through the creation of an elite education school in the area named Kilometer of knowledge, going from Villa Olmo to Villa Erba passing by Villa Grumello, where the event took place.

The level of the speakers was really excellent, it was a pleasure listening to experienced people talking about arguments I’m involved into: becoming an entrepreneur, using technology to valorize cultural heritage, keeping the bound with our territory, working in a pleasant environment and most of all being creative in order to be able to turn problems into opportunities and make products with a social function.

In particular I was impressed by the words of engineer Giuseppe Natta, founder of Ecodeco Spa and maker of the La Cassinazza, by the speech of Davide Rampello, President of La Triennale and by director Paolo Lipari with his “Wait a moment… what if?”, synthesizing the moment in which a team’s creativity unleashes the power to break old schemas.

After these five evenings I felt like there’s a favorable wind blowing into our direction about what we’re doing with i-muse! 🙂

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Looking Out: Young Art Exhibition in Lurago d’Erba

Guardando FuoriIlaria, the art lover who “lend” her voice for the guide in i-muse ;), is the curator of an art exhibition that will be inaugurated on saturday june 2 at the Salone Age Parrucchieri in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 13 a Lurago d’Erba, not too far from Como.

For i-muse Ilaria did a great job, so it’s a pleasure for me publishing his announcement: 🙂

Guardando fuori è la seconda e più famosa mostra d’arte giovane, promossa dal Salone Age Parrucchieri in collaborazione con la Biblioteca Comunale di Lurago d’Erba e con il contributo di quattro imprese brianzole: Age Giardini, Edil Alfa3, Ferrari Impianti e Poliform. All’inaugurazione verranno offerti da La Coccinella di Albiate caffè e vecchi dolci dimenticati.
Guardando fuori prosegue a portare la sperimentazione creativa all’interno della vita reale, descrivendo in modo verosimile, la realtà delle piazze italiane, soprattutto quelle di provincia. Molte tele dipinte e molte stampe fotografiche presentate sono strumenti per acquisire la verità di ciò che si vede.
La mostra è caratterizzata dalla particolare laboriosità di Chiara Aldeghi e Antonio Bernardo, che presentano situazioni reali stereotipate, deformate ed estremizzate.
Le tele di Antonio Bernardo, articolate in sezioni che presentano gli elementi peculiari della piazza/sagrato e i personaggi che li popolano, sono state precedute dalle fotografie che l’artista ha utilizzato per i suoi dipinti.
Le fotografie di Chiara Aldeghi descrivono la piazza vera e propria; sulla base di alcuni specifici riferimenti si può immaginare che essa sia situata a Lurago d’Erba. La piazza accoglie un mercatino dell’usato, un’insegna di avventurosa costruzione e una vasta offerta di personaggi. La descrizione di questi uomini e donne è ottenuta tramite un brillante uso della luce, della posizione e dei colori.
I personaggi che popolano la piazza comprendono moltissime figure dell’immaginario collettivo: il tecnico, sedicente esperto di calcio e di qualsiasi altro argomento, il professore, filosofo e studioso di figure femminili, il tuttofare, il bimbo. E poi il nonno, il fattorino scapestrato, il carabiniere e le anziane signore che discutono esclusivamente di necrologi.
Nella piazza si discute di improbabili eroi, le cui storie costituiscono un racconto nella mostra.

Doppia personale di Chiara Aldeghi e Antonio Bernardo
2 giugno – 17 giugno 2007
Salone Age Parrucchieri, Vittorio Veneto 13
Orari: festivi 10 – 12; 15 – 19

Sabato 2 giugno 2007 – ore 17.00
Salone Age Parrucchieri
Lurago d’Erba – Vittorio Veneto 13



The Virtual Tailor Ready for the Real Market

The handshake with Cleto Orefice, the “Virtual Tailor in Cernobbio”, celebrates the delivery of the latest version of the Net-tailor software, right in front of the system made with the scientific coordination of the Centro Volta, in particular with the engineer Matteo Baracani.

While I was implementing a series of modifications and improvements he requested, Cleto began studying the market and setting up the marketing plan, fundamental elements to be able to place his innovative system on the market.

From what I’ve seen so far the favorable conditions do exist and the system could be soon deployed in Italy and abroad.

A real good luck to Cleto the virtual tailor then! 🙂

For the technical side of things he already knows he can count on me. 😉

Davide Cleto

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Vespatour 2006 Part 5: from Monterosso to Colonnata

Every time I look at the photos of the Vespatour I feel better!

It may be due to the spring or to the fact I’m finally riding my Vespa back again after the three weeks of the exhibition at the Iper of Grandate. 🙂

Being able to view the places I visited thanks to Google maps, so that I can geo-localize each photo, gave me a different perspective on what I’ve seen riding around Italy.

The fifth gallery of the tour is now online: from Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre to Marina di Massa and Colonnata, where I discovered the delicious Cioccolardini.

In the meantime the exhibition at the Iper is over. On last saturday the mall director gave the Vespa Club Como a plate to celebrate the event.

Enjoy the photos… and the chocolate! 😉

Vespa Club Como

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Vespatour 2006 Part 2: Turin

I uploaded the second gallery of my solo journey around Italy on a Vespa, 60 photos taken walking among the most beautiful places of Turin on august 4, 2006.

Here are the photos, each one with a caption, geo-referenced on Google Maps and you can even rate it or leave a comment! 🙂

In the meantime the exhibition of the 10 Vespas at the Iper of Grandate is doing well, people stop reading the descriptions out of curiosity. 😉

Vespa Iper



10 Vespas Under the Big I

The chance has been unexpected: the Vespa Club Como has been invited to exhibit 10 Vespas belonging to the club members at the shopping mall Iper of Grandate, in the province of Como.

Vespas from 1957 to nowadays and… there’s even my Vespa under the big I! 😀

For three weeks, until Easter, my Vespa GTS will be there with the graphics you can see below, made to illustrate the journey around Italy I did last summer.
The windshield is a bit scratched, but it’s the one I did the journey with, my sail, so I didn’t replace it.
It’ll be hard not being able to ride my Vespa for three weeks! 🙂

Along with the exhibition, the Iper staff organized an contest and the prizes are new Vespas LX 50 and a huge chocolate egg. 😯

Get there and have a look!


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The Virtual Tailor in Cernobbio Featured on La Provincia

Sartoria OreficeAfter the mention on Business People, the brief article on L’Espresso and the interview on RaiDue, even the local daily newspaper La Provincia wrote about this now famous mythological character. 🙂

An article emphasizing the long tradition of the Sartoria Orefice through the words of Mr. Lino Orefice which belongs to the series of articles devoted to innovation projects completed with success since the Centro Volta’s IComo initiative was born less than one year ago.

When the articles was published, on November 30th 2006, I thought something was missing: at least a mention as the author of the hardware and software system born from Cleto Orefice’s idea which now allows the tailor shop to work in a totally different way. 😕

I would have loved to see that not only for personal pride, but also because I’d like to repeat the experience with another local artigianal company willing to start an innovation project by using informatics tools.

Also it has been the result of a great team work and in my opinion this was a chance to highlight the Centro Volta’s role as an effective aggregator of local skills, the mission of IComo.

Maybe it’s better getting back to work and don’t be concerned too much about that, focusing instead on the message this article gave to readers: the tailor in Cernobbio is an example to follow! 🙂

Consider that Mr. Lino, who always had an active role in the project thanks to his experience, works since 60 years and shows his invaluable irony whenever he reads of people complaining about the increase of the retirement age.

He represents an example to follow for me! 😉


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Vespa’s Sons, 2007 Calendar

For each month in 2007 a Vespa and the smiling face of one of the Vespa Club Como members’ sons: it’s the result of the photomontage chosen as theme for the club’s 2007 calendar, which I’m now showing both at home and in the office.

Really a good job made by Brunella, supervised by Marco and Dario.

My favorites are january and august since they chose child with a pretty peculiar look. 🙂

The calendar is still available at the newsstand Cesana in Via Anzani in Como. An original calendar, especially for Vespa fans.

The Vespa Club Como, of which I recently become member, is very active and with a lots of initiatives for 2007, so this calendar is certainly a good wish! 😉

Calendario Vespa 2007

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Everyone Tagged at Trackability 2007

TrackabilityWe’re all tagged! 🙂

This was the opening joke of the seminar devoted to RFID technology held on tuesday inside the exposition Trackability in fieramilanocity.

Paolo Conti, always brilliant as moderator, asked the attendees to search for some kind of tag in their pockets. Someone had it inside the car keys (Vespa in my case) for the immobilizer function, someone inside the access badge and someone in the car for the telepass.

Without even knowing it RFID is a technology we’re already using since a long time. There’s a lot of talking about it lately because of its advantages in different fields, but the real problem for its large scale deployment, as has been discussed during the seminar, is its integration with the information system in order to exploit its full potential.

All the presentations were at very high level and at the final roundtable participated for the first time representatives from italian RFID university labs, from the recently born RFID Solution Center of the Politecnico di Milano, to the one of La Sapienza in Roma and the universities in Messina, Parma, Liuc in Castellanza and Supsi in Lugano.

For i-muse RFID is very important. It’s a kind of implementation in a field much less complex compared to logistics or product trackability, but the benefits are relevant and most of all, for the sake of usability, it will be totally invisible to the user. 😉

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