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Euro Coin Collection Update 2.1

Euro Coin Collection for Mac, iPad and iPhoneEuro Coin Collection, the suite of apps dedicated to collectors for Mac, iPad and iPhone, has been updated again!

12 new 2-Euro commemorative coins of the 2015 have been added, thus completing the series of independent emissions of each country.

Among them there’s the coin issued by Monaco to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the construction of the fortress on the rock, which is expected to have very high prices.

The 19 2-Euro commemorative coins of the common emission dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the European flag have also been added.

The design selected as winner by a public voting shows twelve stars that morph into human figures and embrace the European flag, a symbol that unites people and cultures with shared visions and ideals for a better common future.

With this update, the total of 2-Euro commemorative coins reached the number of 231.

To the next update (soon)! 🙂

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Euro Coin Collection Update 2.0

Euro Coin Collection for Mac, iPad and iPhoneEuro Coin Collection, the suite of apps dedicated to collectors for Mac, iPad and iPhone, has been updated!

16 new 2-Euro commemorative coins of the 2015 have been added, already issued or announced.

This year two countries, Italy and San Marino, commemorate the 750º anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri, the Florentine poet author of the Divina Commedia.

Italian is also the coin of the Universal Exposition Expo 2015 taking place in Milan from May 1st to October 31st with the motto: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

With this update, the total of 2-Euro commemorative coins reached the round figure of 200. A figure that will soon increase with the next issues of 2015, including the common one dedicated to the thirty years since the adoption of the European Flag.

Enjoy the new coins! 🙂

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Euro Coin Collection Update 1.9

Euro Coin Collection for Mac, iPad and iPhoneDid you ever ask yourself what’s the meaning of a 2 Euro coin design?

There’s an app for that!

And since 2011 it helps collectors keeping track of their collection.

The latest update of Euro Coin Collection, in versions for iPhone, iPad and Mac, includes all the 2 Euro commemorative coins of 2014, Lithuania has been added as the 23th Euro-area country, and the new design of the Spanish 1 and 2 Euro coins issued for King Felipe VI’s succession.

Some corrections and improvements requested by collectors complete this release.

But the news don’t stop here: as already announced on the Facebook page of the app, the Android version is in the works, for all the smartphones and tablets using Google’s mobile operative system.

And we’re already collecting data and graphics for the first 2 Euro commemorative coins issued in 2015; this year there will be 27 of them, in addition to the common emission dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the European flag.

There’s a lot of irons (or coins..) in the fire! 😉

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Euro Coin Collection Update 1.8

Euro Coin Collection for Mac, iPad and iPhoneEuro Coin Collection, the suite of apps dedicated to collectors for Mac, iPad and iPhone, has been updated!

20 new 2-Euro commemorative coins of the 2014 have been added, already issued or announced.

This year, important historical events are featured, such as the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing, the 100th since the beginning of World War I and the 25th of the fall of the Berlin wall.
Renaissance art is well represented thanks to the 500th anniversary of the death of Bramante.

Other than the eagerly awaited 2014 commemoratives, two new countries adopted the Euro this year: Andorra and Latvia. Latvia has already planned to issue its first 2-Euro commemorative coin dedicated to Riga, european capital of culture 2014.

Also, three countries modified the design of the national side of their standard coins: Belgium, Netherlands and Vatican. Probably even Spain will follow, given the recent abdication of King Juan Carlos.

Since this update, the graphics of the apps change.
It isn’t just a matter of aesthetic tastes: less saturated colors, transparencies and a flat-style design of the user interface help to better concentrate on what matters the most, the contents.

A little usability note: now the mini-albums dedicated to greek and german mint marks can be opened with a single tap on the handle, without having to drag it anymore.

New contents, new graphics and all the marketing materials updated accordingly: descriptions, screenshots, press release and the Facebook page.

A lot of work that required time, so thanks to collectors for their patience and to anyone willing to share the news! 🙂

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Euro Coin Collection Update 1.7 and version 1.3HD for iPad

Euro Coin Collection HD for iPad and Euro Coin Collection for iPhoneVersion 1.7 for iPhone and version 1.3HD for iPad of Euro Coin Collection are on the App Store!

With the addition of 8 new 2 Euro commemorative coins, the series issued in 2013 is completed.

Personally, I’m eagerly waiting for the coin dedicated to Giovanni Boccaccio, the italian author I studied with pleasure at lyceum.

There are also other interesting commemoratives to collect, such as the one issued by San Marino and dedicated to the italian painter Pinturicchio, a worthy substitute of the coin dedicated to John F. Kennedy, announced at the beginning of the year.

As required by some collectors, a Coin Card parameter has been added to filter your coins.
The Coin Card format is getting pretty popular, in particular for 2 Euro commemoratives.

This update retains the design of the previous versions, but a completely new one is already in the works.

It will be a full-flat design, according to the style introduced by Apple with iOS 7 and that will last for a long time, I think, since it combines in the best way simplicity, clarity and transparency: essential concepts to be able to use smartphones and tablets on the go.

Follow the Facebook page of the app to take a peek of the new style in the next weeks. 🙂

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Euro Coin Collection now also for Mac OS X

Euro Coin Collection for Mac OS XThe Mac version of Euro Coin Collection is today on the Mac App Store!

The new app has all the features of the iPad and iPhone versions, with the advantage to be able to view all the virtual album at a glance on a 27 inch iMac.

You’ll need OS X Snow Leopard to run the app, while Lion or Mountain Lion are required to use iCloud features and Facebook or Twitter sharing.
The app has also been enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

At the same time the apps for iPhone and iPad have been updated to versions 1.6.1 e 1.2.1.
The 2 Euro commemorative coin that Monaco will issue in december to celebrate the “20 years since the UN Accession” has been added.

There’s also a new “bounce effect” added to scrolling UI elements, an effect related to the “inertial scrolling” that makes user experience on iOS devices so smooth and pleasant, elaborated by the dutch designer Bas Ording.

If you read the Steve Jobs biography you’ll remember the episode in which Jobs met the designer in the lobby of Apple headquarters and he hired him on the fly after viewing a brief demo of Bas’ ideas to improve OS X user interface.

Bas is still at Apple and they’re going great in my opinion: the recent presentation of iOS 7 is a clear demonstration of the continuous innovation process pursued by the Cupertino-based company.

Enjoy the Mac version and the “bouncing” album! 😉

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Updates with 2 Euro commemoratives 2013

Euro Coin Collection HD for iPad and Euro Coin Collection for iPhoneVersion 1.6 of Euro Coin Collection for iPhone and version 1.2HD for iPad are on App Store!

14 new 2 Euro commemoratives 2013 have been added, some of them already issued while others announced for the second half of the year.

2013 was going to be an interesting year for collectors of Euro coins, since many countries announced the issue of two different series of 2 Euro commemoratives, but it became even more interesting due to Benedict XVI’s historic resignation.

Vatican recently issued a 2 Euro commemorative coin for the Sede Vacante MMXIII, included in this update, and at later date the italian Mint will also issue new Euros with Pope Francesco‘s effigy.

Another new feature added to both versions of the app are the country initials on flag icons: it may seem trivial, but it was suggested by a number of collectors since associating flags to each of the 20 Euro-area countries isn’t that easy at the beginning.

Mac OSX version of the application was already announced a few months ago and it will soon be available on Mac App Store.
I’m completing tests and, most of all, I find very handy the synchronization of the collection via iCloud with all my mobile devices “made by Apple“, or better “designed by Apple in California“. 😉

Collectors using an iMac, MacBook or Mac mini can’t miss it! 🙂

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Euro Coin Collection HD Update 1.1

Euro Coin Collection HD iPadVersion 1.1 of Euro Coin Collection HD is on the App Store!

This update adds the eagerly awaited support for the Retina display of 3rd and 4th generation iPads, which means graphics 4 times more detailed than the previous version and even 8 times if compared to the graphics currently used on iPhone 3GS.

After getting past the wow-effect caused by the new graphics, I invite you to use the app in landscape mode. Many users find more comfortable using their iPad in this way.

Other than all the improvements and corrections recently added to the latest iPhone version, there’s also the 2 Euro commemorative coin “Royal Wedding”, the last of 2012, issued by Luxemburg in december. Soon I’ll release a small update of the iPhone version, 1.5.1, that will include this coin.

But there’s one more thing coming soon for Apple and Euro coins fans. I anticipated it in the app presentation, in a last slide named “One more thing…“.
Steve Jobs made this sentence famous: at the end of his presentations of Apple products he was used to give the public an additional surprise.
I hope I learned well from his example… take at look a the last slide! 😉

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Euro Coin Collection Update 1.5

EuroCoinCollection iPhone5The update 1.5 of Euro Coin Collection is on the AppStore!

It’s mainly a technical update, since the support for iPhone 5 Retina 4-inch display has been implemented.

Technical improvements made the app load faster and run smoother, but there are also more visible modifications, such as the ones related to user interface usability, designed for new users, or the improved Twitter and Facebook sharing options.

A series of corrections to the texts and to some coins details complete the list of features suggested by the most active users.

I know collectors can’t wait to see the 2013 2 Euro commemorative coins added… it will be done, but before that there’s another important technical update coming soon: version 1.1 HD for iPad with support for the Retina display of the 3rd and 4th generation iPads! 🙂

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Euro Coin Collection Update 1.4 and HD version for iPad

iPad2 Euro Coin Collection HDTwo releases at the same time for the app Euro Coin Collection!

The update 1.4 for the iPhone/iPod touch version and the new HD version optimized for iPad.

The first thing you’ll notice will be the new graphics, four times more detailed than the previous version.

I recall I had the same impression with the VGA version for Pocket-PC devices, 7 years ago. However, at that time a lot things were missing: smooth scrolling, multi-touch, social network sharing… just to name a few.

The second thing will be the 2 Euro Commemoratives issued in 2012: 29 new different coins to expand your collection.

Then there are new mini-albums to view german and greek mintmarks at a glance, iCloud synchronization and the notification center.

And yet, that’s not all, the app will get even better thanks to your new suggestions.

We’re in the back to school time and I think that the HD version for iPad could be useful to teachers who love technology.

Other than the pleasure to collect Euro coins, coin designs actually tell the history of European countries, celebrating key historical people, events or places.

Now that Apple made the Volume Purchase Program available outside the US, it’s easier for education institutions using iPads purchasing the apps they need.

I’d like to invite teachers and educators to contact me to download the app for free and evaluate its educational potential.

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