We’ve Been Incubated!

Ok, it’s a bad expression which can give cause for never ending witty remarks, but for the three of us, me, Luca and Guido, recently awarded at the Startcup 2006, the regional contest for startup creation, the meaning is pretty clear: other than the cash prize by the Chamber of Commerce of Como, our real target was the incubation! 🙂

We’re now hosted (incubated!) in the startup accelerator of the Polo Regionale di Como of the Politecnico di Milano.

We finally have an office, at the third floor of the building in Piazzale Gerbetto, where we can continue working on the project we started powered only by enthusiasm and hard work, aiming since the beginning to a result of excellence.

The office is fully operative by now from a technical point of view, while we still have a lot to do for what concerns furnishings, especially after we’ve seen how the girls of Ciren and Urbano Creativo, neo-incubated at the second floor, set up their office.

We really need a female touch for that! :mrgreen:

Professor Negrini, who gave us the award at the Startcup, told us this was his office before he moved to the Politecnico’s building in Via Anzani. Really a privilege considering how much I think highly of him.

During the introductory meeting of the new startups he used a very motivating expression: “Now you’re entrepreneurs!” he told us.

Personally I do rely a lot on the network of competences that can be established among the ten startups now incubated in Como and it’s actually a pleasure being able to discuss and relate with other companies operating in the same sector. From these relations new interesting opportunities can be generated.

After the pizza-dinner with Luca and Guido to celebrate our first meeting in the office, as you can see in the pic, and the usual tea break at 17 ò clock with MetalC’s staff at the third floor, we can say that being incubated is not a bad thing at all! 😛

Piazzale GerbettoGuido Luca Davide

  1. #1 by matteo on December 18, 2006 - 11:16 pm

    complimenti ragazzi!
    con l’augurio di un ottimo 2007!!!

  2. #2 by Luca on December 19, 2006 - 11:37 am

    ….che dire…ci hanno incubato proprio per bene ;o)

  3. #3 by Danilo on December 19, 2006 - 10:08 pm

    Un VIGOROSO in bocca al lupo per un BRILLANTE avvenire.

    Forza ragazzi.!!

    Bandler69 alias Danilo.

  4. #4 by Albegor on December 23, 2006 - 11:28 am

    Grazie a tutti davvero!

    Anche a Danilo che vedo attivo sui forum di HRD dove ti sei beccato un complimento per il tuo nick. 😉

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