Euro Coin Collection Update 3.2

Medical ResearchEuro Coin Collection has been updated to version 3.2 for iPhone, 2.8 for iPad, 2.6 for Mac and 2.0 for Android.

12 new 2-Euro commemorative coins of the 2020 have been added, thus almost completing the series of commemoratives issued this year.

Among them there’s the french coin dedicated to the Medical Research, quite on theme considering the awful COVID times we’re living in.

Then there’s the much awaited Vatican coin dedicated to Pope John Paul II, a Pope no one can forget.

Both coins are available in limited numbers, in collector folders or in Coincards FDC like the french one, a feature indicated in the app by the red-violet background.

This is the third update of this year, while another one will be needed to complete the serie of 2 Euro commemorative coins issued in 2020, notably the first and only one from Monaco and the second one from Luxembourg.

See you to the fourth update! 🙂

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