Euro Coin Collection Update 3.3

Luxembourg MonacoEuro Coin Collection has been updated to version 3.3 for iPhone, 2.9 for iPad, 2.7 for Mac and 2.1 for Android.

With this update the two missing commemorative coins from Monaco and Luxembourg have been added, thus completing the series of 34 2-Euro Commemoratives issued in 2020.

Also, 2021 has been added as year of issue for standard coins, to get ready for the 2 Euro commemoratives of the new year.

More than 26 coins are expected, some of them already announced, such as the interesting italian ones, one dedicated to health professionals and the other to Rome.

Enjoy the update collectors!
Let’s hope to be able to meet again in person at one of the next trade shows, such as Veronafil in Italy, later this year. 🙂

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