Euro Coin Collection Update 4.2

Croatia Euro coinsSecond and eagerly-awaited update for the app Euro Coin Collection.

The 8 standard coins of Croatia, the new EMU member, have been added.
Croatia has chosen four designs for their national sides of the euro coins, all featuring the distinctive chequerboard pattern in the background.

The 2 Euro coin features a map of Croatia, while the 1 Euro coin shows the picture of a marten, which lent its name to the country’s former currency, the kuna.

The portrait of Nikola Tesla and the letters HR in the angular Glagolitic script are the designs of the other 6 coins.

The second commemorative of 2023 was also added, the German coin dedicated to the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

Collectors using the iPhone version will also find the HD coin designs as an optional download for all the 477 commemoratives.

The next update will improve album customization and the collection file management.

Stay tuned on the Facebook page of the app to know more about them!

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