How Do You Say i-muse?

i-museYou should pronounce it like this, as Greta says it, a beautiful little blonde jewel! 🙂

She’s the two years old daughter of my cousin Alex, a cousin like a brother since we know each other since I was born.

I heard pronouncing i-muse in different ways since we announced the product together with the logo.

Someone at the Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico in Como, where we’re incubated, thought we played some kind of music 😯 since i-muse recalled the name of the famous pop band, the Muse, author of the song Starlight, one of my favorites.

i-muse is actually the short version of Interactive Museum, but there’s also the assonance with the verb “to amaze” and also it can recall the classic inspirer muse.

A small kiss to Greta then, our voice of truth. 😉

We’ll surely amaze you with i-muse, we’re almost there!

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