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E-mail: The Seven Deadly Sins

Bart Diavoletto

I found this curious list of the seven “sins” which irritate the most anyone regularly using e-mail on the issue number 6 of PalmOne magazine, a brochure featuring the Tungsten, Treo and Zire line of Palm PDAs.
They wrote these were the results of a research committed by PalmOne, and they hold a lot of truth in my opinion.

  • 1. Ignorance: not replying to an e-mail requiring an answer.
  • 2. Indifference: pretending not to have received an e-mail from someone.
  • 3. Presumption: giving for granted that anyone will read your urgent e-mails.
  • 4. Prolixity: dwelling without coming to the point.
  • 5. Bombing: sending messages as copies to anyone due to laziness and without carefully selecting the recipients.
  • 6. Slovenliness: grammatical and spelling mistakes, rambling arguments and obscure use of the language.
  • 7. Tactlessness: wrong tone of the e-mail.

I’d switch the first two “sins” since I really hate when someone pretends not to have received an e-mail when he actually did.
Are you a sinner or a saint?
I’m a sinner trying to follow the way to e-redemption… 😉