Ecpc in full color!

Yesterday has been a special day because thanks to a new friend and betatester, Stefano, CEO of Wise-lab, I had the pleasure to look at Ecpc on his Ipaq 3630 in full color! What’s so special about that? :mrgreen:

Well, although I’ve been able to test the program on multiple devices before releasing it, thanks to some friends over the Net, I currently own and develop on a Ipaq 3130, which as you probably know, has a 4 bit monochrome display.

This occasion gave me the chance to finally update the My Pocket PC page.

Since Stefano’s Ipaq runs with Pocket PC 2000 operative system, I was also pleased to see the current version of Ecpc, built with the PPC 2002 SDK, running without problems on it, except when minimizing the program.

However, as I wrote in the Wishlist, a version built with the PPC 2000 SDK, hence supporting also MIPS and SH3 microprocessors, is only a few days away!

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