Ecpc now on and collecting translations

PocketlandAs you can see in the Download&Buy page Ecpc version 1.2 is now available also from the german e-shop, an important reference point for german speaking europeans. 🙂

Collecting translations is not as easy as collecting Euro coins, but as you can read on Mipcdebolsillo, a website managed by Julio Meneses, it seems I’ve found someone who can help translating Ecpc into spanish language.

Also, thanks to the announcement of the new release appeared on Aximsite, Wannahave, a forum moderator, will translate Ecpc into dutch.

Very good then, but the translation in french is very high priority now since it has been delayed for too long, unfortunately!

I think this release is mature enough for some serious reviews, so I’ll be actively searching for interested reviewers.

Wannahave for example is already planning to write one for Aximsite. 😉

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