Ecpc for Pocket PC 2000 in testing and new recommended software

While I’m busy testing the version of Ecpc built for devices with the Pocket PC 2000 operative system, which will also includes some minor but nice enhancements, I’ve updated the list of recommended software in the My Pocket PC page, adding the useful Freeware PHM Power Toys by Philippe Majerus and the excellent RepliGo by Cerience, the conversion and synchronization software which is rapidly becoming a standard to make documents really portable on multiple platforms.

As a side note, the emulator in the Pocket PC 2000 SDK is really ugly, but it’s much faster than the better looking one included in the Pocket PC 2002 SDK, at least on my desktop PC.

Take a look: 🙂

PPC2000 EmulatorPPC2002 Emulator

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