Cardinello Gorge trip and mini contest winner

ViaSplugaI fully recovered from the nice birthday toast with friends thanks to a trip along the Via Spluga, from Isola (1283m) to Stuetta (1900m) passing through the spectacular Cardinello Gorge, the historical trail famous for the tragic mission of the napoleonic troops of the Second Corps led by General Alexandre McDonald, who ventured into it in the late autumn of 1800 to join with the italian Army.

The funny thing was that on one of the steps dug out into the rock someone wrote his e-mail address! :mrgreen:

Update: someone did actually reply at that e-mail address! Ciao Federico! 😉

Finally, congratulations to Carl F. Jensen, the danish winner of the birthday mini contest!!

His nice e-mail makes me glad to send him a Special Edition of Ecpc! 🙂

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