Euro Coins Pocket Collector 1.5 VGA & QVGA RELEASED!

EcpcAfter a final rush I released version 1.5 of  Euro Coins Pocket Collector, both in VGA and QVGA!

The VGA version looks so nice that it’s one of the things that makes the purchase of a new VGA Pocket PC fully worth it, in my opinion, and I hope not only Euro coins collectors will think this way, but also anyone eager to exploit the real capabilities of a high resolution display. 🙂

However don’t be dazzled only by VGA graphics and take a look at the new features such as the dutch translation and the exclusive interface mode for all the left handers like me. 😉

Of the main european languages only spanish is missing, so I invite you to read here if you’d like to take care of the translation.

Upgrading for existing users is free as always, but please have a look at the FAQ for details.

Download the shareware version, which actually acts as a viewer, and show it to your friends, ok?

I’m one day late with the release, but for a good reason: yesterday morning I’ve been in Milan to get the Voucher needed to start the due diligence study in collaboration with the Volta Center for the project I already mentioned. They told me they issued more than 150 vouchers until now in our region.

The study will produce the most costly piece of paper I ever seen, but that’s a good beginning for this kind of software project because the Volta Center is a research centers of excellence and there are great people working there.

What’s next then? Well, for what concerns EcPc I could say: the PC version!

Yes, the release of the VGA version speeded up the eagerly waited PC one much more than I expected! 🙂

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