Forum opened!

AeolusPhpBBIt took a while, but I’m pretty satisfied with the final result. The forum is now open! 🙂

It’s powered by phpBB version 2.0.6 and customized with the Aeolus theme created by Vjacheslav Trushkin, a graphics style I really like, although you can choose to use the default Subsilver style.

There’s also the multilanguage support including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Finnish languages integrated with the language auto detection mod.

Then, thanks to another mod, you can select the flag of your country from the profile and it will be displayed just below the avatar in your posts. 😉

I hope you’ll like to forum structure since you can post comments about all the news I write on the homepage, both in english and italian, which I renamed to weBlog, as well as discussing about Ecpc in the Products section and swap Euro coins in the Swapping section, which will include more languages once there will be a sufficient number of requests.

The rank titles system is based on the experience levels of my favorite wargame, Combat Mission, with a couple of additions and the rank indicator bar is built with the Ecpc icon. :mrgreen:

The forum is a service both for users of the software and for visitors of the website, so I hope you’ll have fun posting there!

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