i-muse Financed by Saturno

SaturnoSome weeks ago I was reading that the astral conjunctions were pretty against my zodiacal sign, the Lion, and that Saturn was the bad planet according to the horoscopes. 😯

However, fortune wanted that it was Regione Lombardia’s Saturn Project to actually bring some luck to the project I devoted myself together with my team in the last months!

They published an official chart of the entrepreneurial projects admitted to the Action 2 of the Saturn Project providing the financing of the 70% of the immaterial expenses of the financial plan submitted. 😀

Reading my name in the top section of the chart was a satisfaction, even more considering that the number of the submissions was pretty high.

After the useful courses I attended in Mantua for the Action 1 of the Saturn Project, this is a great news that makes all the i-muse team more at ease about the expenses we have to face in order to complete the PDA guide and begin its promotion.

We’re almost there! 😉

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