i-muse Runs on the Zypad by Eurotech!

Zypadi-muse now runs even on the Zypad made by Eurotech! 🙂

It’s a mobile device with WindowsCE 6.0 operative system, belonging to the category of the so-called “wearable computers”, made by Eurotech.

One of the most stimulating aspects of my role as technical director in TogunĂ  Interactive is playing with the latest devices, and thanks to Eurotech we had the chance to port i-muse on their Zypad with the hope to start some projects together.

The conversion was a hard challenge, especially due to the redesign of the user interface, since the Zypad has a 320×240 pixels resolution display.

It’s a compact and multipurpose device, deployable in numerous application environments thanks to the integration of the Rfid, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Gps technologies according to the models.

Now that the videoguide platform supports mobile devices with Windows Mobile and Windows CE operative systems, we can take care of devices made by other major market players, such as Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch! 😉


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