IComo: 8th Matching about Technologic Innovation

IComoLast week I attended the 8th matching about technologic innovation organized by the Centro Volta, the monthly event promoted by the IComo initiative and aimed to help local small and medium enterprises to start innovation projects.

The presentations this time ranged from nanomaterials applied to textile fibers in order to grant them new properties such as resistance to bacteria, to the latest developments in liquid crystals production, to advanced imaging systems used in robotics, to the selection and implementation of a natural element with a unique DNA to track a product along the supply chain and to guarantee its originality.

During the presentation by Pierangelo Metrangolo about liquid crystals, he recalled that right there in Villa Olmo, in the big hall below the one we were seating in, modern chemistry was born thanks to Heisenberg, Fermi and other scientists during a big congress held in 1927.

These matchings are always interesting and many of the speakers come from high level italian laboratories. In fact IComo staff aims to stimulate ideas of the local entrepreneurs and they’re right, especially when the presentations are so brilliant. The number of the attendees is also increasing, a good sign of the information campaign they’re making to promote the meetings.

I’ll be at Smau on October 5th, the ICT exhibition in Milan that from this year it’s reserved to professionals only.

There’s also the interesting e-Academy structure and I’ll attend a couple of the numerous seminars.

My Vespa will bring me to Milan tomorrow for the exhibition, then she’ll rest for a couple of days at my friend Marco’s “Motorantola” workshop for a complete check up, so much needed after the long journey around Italy. 🙂

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