The funny De-Lurking Day

DeLurking DayThis is so amusing I couldn’t agree more, since it’s about a matter I’m involved in myself: Lurking. 😉

I spotted it on manteblog, the blog of Massimo Mantellini, but the original idea comes from paper napkin.

Statistics tell the true, but are they just numbers? Oh, no, there are real people behind those “unique contacts” which make up for those graphs, don’t they?

So they proposed the De-Lurking Day by inviting readers to leave a trace of their usually silent presence writing a comment on the author’s blog.

There isn’t the chance to comment on my blog, at least until the new website will be up and running (hint! hint!), but if you’re in the mood why don’t you send me a “Hello, I’m the lurker which made your #### unique contact of the day!”? 🙂

Ehm, no I won’t start donating 1 Euro to aid the Tsunami victims for each e-mail I’ll receive. Sheryl of paper napkin did that and had to close the comments due to their unexpected high number!

Do you know italians donated a total of 28 millions through the 1 Euro per SMS campaign for the South East Asia tragedy?

The whole total will go for the donation campaign, but mobile operators will be happy when we’ll understand our credit needs recharging sooner than expected. Even I fell into the “trap”… and I’ve already recharged the credit, doh!

There are better ways to donate out there by using your credit card or other payment methods.

Seneca once said “Who spends his life traveling very often will have many guests, but no friends”. Change traveling into browsing and guests into reading blogs and we’re talking about the same thing: Lurking. 8)

I’m a lurker myself because I love silence and I work better in silence. Today you’ve got the chance to not be the usual lurker if you’ll e-mail me. Don’t take the bad example of some friends who can click on anything, but can’t write a few characters in a simple e-mail…

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