The Future is the Taylor in Cernobbio

Business PeopleThis title, chosen an interview to Raffaello Vignali, president of the Compagnia delle Opere, published in the November issue of the magazine Business People, is emblematic and it means only one thing: the innovation project related to the taylor shop Sartoria Orefice in Cernobbio I took care of from the beginning to the end, with the coordination of the Centro Volta, has become a success case! 🙂

An example to follow for italian small businesses which are hearing a lot of talk about innovation, would like to start these kind of projects, but they don’t know which way to turn.

I can’t spare a criticism for the sentence: “Here Hewlett and Packard or Bill Gates couldn’t have existed, since in Italy if someone starts a company inside a garage the Asl (the local sanitary inspection service) comes and forces them to close“… a cliché often used to hide the real problems of the new ICT startups.

Vignali’s interview is actually centered on the issues italian business class has to face to follow the difficult path of innovation, in order to be able to maintain the competitivity of the Made in Italy product in a globalized market, and also on the benefits generated when an innovation project comes to a good conclusion, using the “Taylor in Cernobbio“ as example, although in the interview the project is described generically with some mistakes about the system’s working.

A working that has been well explained on thursday morning by Cleto Orefice when a Rai troupe, headed by journalist Sandra Cecchi, went to the taylor shop to record an interview for the Non Solo Soldi (Not only money) TG2’s feature, broadcast from monday to friday at 10:30 on Rai Due.

The TV interview will last only a few minutes, but it will be the first time the system will be shown in public. Really a must see to understand how a taylor working in the same way for 5 generations learnt to use a PC and Internet, not only to simplify his work, but also to make his business grow with perspectives which are probably still beyond estimation.

Although I’m more at ease with textures rather than fabrics ;), by now I could almost say I’m a “taylor” too if you consider the analogy with artigianal work I already blogged about, so it will be a real pleasure following the evolution of the Sartoria Orefice.

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