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Miniartextil 2006It almost seems like a tongue-twister and actually I rarely manage to correctly pronounce the name chosen for the local exhibition devoted to contemporary textile art, now at the 16th edition. This year there are 11 locations in the town of Como dedicated to the exhibition.

The richest installment is inside the ex-church of San Francesco where next to some pretty suggestive pieces such as the army of silk frogs coming down from a wall of the right aisle, there’s a section dedicated to Net Art curated by Domenico Quaranta, in which the threads composing the virtual fabrics are generated by software algorithms.

Not by chance the term in_rete (networked) is part of the exhibition title.

The apse hosts a suspended metal structure on which are placed 54 little works, minitessili, among which you can notice the Protocolli di Rete (network protocols), a globe made with bamboo by Ilaria Giussani, a friend working at the Museo della Seta recently awarded with the Premio Arte 2006.

At the museum Ilaria allowed me to take a picture of the installment Food for the Spirit by Anna Moro-Lin & Verdeaqua you can see below. The mise en place on the table is really creative and original, while Ilaria prefers the works of Marie Rose Lortet, also exposed in the museum.

Pretty imposing is the work of Akio Hamatani at la tessitura. It almost seems like a hull of a big ship suspended over the water… could it be some sort of ark ready to sail taking away all the beasts in Como? 😉

I don’t want to say anything more to leave you with enough curiosity to visit the exhibition.

Even too often the people of Como seem to ignore this kind of events and due to the factor “I can go there whenever I want” they end up procrastinating the visit until they loose the opportunity to do it.

There’s time until November 12.

After this link between textile art and digital graphics the next time I’ll get the chance to explain what a texture is I’ll use the pixel weaving metaphor! 🙂

Food for the spiritFood for the spirit


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