La Punta dell’Iceberg

A lot of things happened in 2008, and what I wrote on the blog is only the tip of the iceberg.

However, should I really make a choice, the thing that impressed me the most has been the evening walk in the Red Square when I was in Moscow with the Virtual Tailor of Cernobbio: misterious, fascinating and… I didn’t expect it was not flat at all! 😀

Travels, exhibitions, events and meetings filled a 2008 that ended with such a concentration of good news in the last two months to make 2009 full of good expectations.

And even bad or unpleasant things, once elaborated, become part of the luggage of experience I’ll bring with me in the new year.

As the last thing of the year I’d like to thank the people whom I felt close during difficult times and send a special greeting to who called me crazy since I ride my Vespa with any kind of weather! 😉

Welcome to 2009 and its wind of change!

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