Traffic limit almost hit!

I can’t believe it has happened in such a short time frame and in this holiday period! :mrgreen:

My little website has almost hit the 1,5Gb of monthly traffic limit in just about a couple of weeks since its opening!

I’m simply amazed and also very happy, since now the current italian hosting provider has a promise to keep. 😉

I wish to thank again the french visitors in particular, since their contribution has been fundamental during this week to reach that limit.

I know, I know that you want to see Ecpc translated in french as soon as possible and you won’t be disappointed!

I’d like to remember that I’m still searching for help to translate Ecpc in the other european languages, as I wrote in the Wishlist.

Finally I forgot to mention that the announcement of the release of Ecpc also appeared on Mobigeeks, the SorobanGeeks forum, XDA-Italia and Palmio.

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