What the Hell is This?

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If you got here on the blog for the first time thanks to the flier I gave out during these days it means it worked! 💡

It made curious whoever noticed it to get him on the Internet and have a look at what it was really about.

The graphics of the flier is the result of the suggestions by some friends and it ties up the three elements composing my logo with the arguments of the blog: a stylized hand inspired by the painting of the Creation by Michelangelo visible on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel represents my passion for creativity in all its forms, the arrow has the shape of the Lake of Como since I like writing about arguments related to my town, and the disc has a series of abbreviations the informatics technology is full of and which often make the users’ life a mess instead of simplifying it. For this reason the names of the Donald Duck’s nephews, Qui, Quo and Qua, put some irony about the technology paradox. 😉

Finally I can leave the obsolete structure of the old blog and start using the new one thanks to the WordPress platform, powerful and flexible at the same time.

Thanks to the Gengo plug-in for example, I can write posts both in italian and english and the the user automatically view them according to his browser’s language setting. You can read the posts in the other language by clicking on the link on the right panel listing the most recent posts.

Not to mention the organization of the numerous post in categories, six for now: Como, Euro coins, Mobile, Net-Taylor, Personal, Software and Vespatour 2006, or even the possibility to browse the whole archive containing 240 posts, month by month, up to the first one I wrote on july 16, 2003, or searching for a specific word inside the whole blog.

Last but not least is the chance to leave comments. Finally you can keep in check my bad tongue whenever I really go over the line! 😳

Or simply you can have your say about an argument of interest to you. Discussion is the salt of communication, even if we’re all a bit stunned by too much TV, mobile phones or even the Internet itself. 😉

There’s still some work to be done to complete the graphics of the theme and new pages to add, but it’s a bit like moving into a new home after all: a thing at a time it’s even funnier.

Thanks for your visit! I hope you’ll get back because you like the blog contents and not only the container, WordPress, which is really useful and makes the blog user friendly.

To do that you could keep in mind the address – but it’s proven, it doesn’t work well -, or you can subscribe to the updates notification service. You can also use the RSS feed and I’ll wrote more about this soon.

I’ve already got about ten sparkling post drafts to publish in the next days… Brrr…let’s shudder together!*

*A quote from Marina Massironi, an italian comedian. 😛

  1. #1 by dal castello d'If on December 4, 2006 - 7:41 am

    Bell’iniziativa. Seguirò con attenzione.

  2. #2 by Albegor on December 4, 2006 - 10:02 am

    Interessante anche il tuo blog che non conoscevo.
    La tua domanda provocatoria “Como città o monastero?” calza a pennello! 😉

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