Mobile Force & Office Forum 2006

Mobile Force & Office Forum 2006On april 4th I attended the spring edition of the Wireless forums, a mix of business meetings and conferences organized by the Wireless magazine at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Milan.

I followed most of the presentations of the section Mobile Force & Office Forum since automating a mobile workforce is related to one of my software projects. As a whole, the presentations were interesting and the moderator, Paolo Conti, was a brilliant guy, but the public was not as numerous as the one attending the Wlan Business Forum, a parallel series of conferences focused on broadband, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technologies.

In particular I found interesting the Psion Teklogix Mobile Show, actually one hour of live show with funny performances by the Psion Teklogix’s technical staff showing the latest barcode and RFID technologies while tracking a shipment from the order to the delivery destination. The scenography they set up was defenitely mobile! 😉

Also interesting was the interview with Funambol’s CEO: he spoke about the company’s history, how they found financial support in the US and he talked about the SyncML opensource software.

In the exhibition area I had the pleasure to talk with the staff of Softwork since I’m currently exploring RFID technology applied to mobile devices.

Also I had the chance to get my hands on the new Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone at the Dangaard’s booth, the Qtek 8500, alias HTC Star Trek… very nice design! 🙂


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