Speaking English Using Skype and Skin Strip Feature Tutorial

SkypeVoIP (Voice Over IP) is a very hot topic nowadays and among all the different ways the Internet offers to be able to communicate with other people, voice combined with instant messaging is the best one in my opinion. That’s why I appreciate Skype and I’m suggesting my collaborators to use it.

Easy, fast, free, cheap if you need to call a non-Skype user, and runs on PC and Pocket PC, version that I can enjoy on the Loox 720 thanks also to OzLooxSpeaker, an utility enabling the upper secondary speaker on the Loox made just for VoIP purposes.

I just added a Skype-Me button to the contacts page and to the signature in the forum to invite you to use it if you want to get in touch in the most direct way.

In this period I’m attending english conversation lessons since I’ll be on an business trip in the US in a couple of weeks, and I’m getting confident in speaking the language. 😉

Lastly I’ve posted a tutorial in the forum explaining how to use the Skin Strip feature introduced in the new version of Euro Coins Pocket Collector. You have to be a registered member in order to be able to read it as well as all the upcoming tutorials.

Update: I’ve discovered a stupid bug which prevents from correctly loading the external graphics file needed to use the Skin Strip feature. Sorry for the distraction, it’ll be fixed in version 1.6.

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