i-muse Presentation in Villa Olmo

Villa OlmoYesterday evening the emotion was great: we presented i-muse in the place where the idea was born: in Villa Olmo, during the 12th innovation technology matching organized by Centro Volta.

In 2004 I visited an exhibition about Mirò, the first of the great exhibitions organized in Villa Olmo, and while I was using an audioguide I got the idea to make a guide running on Pdas.

Then, in 2005, I committed to Centro Volta’s engineers a due diligence study for the project, a study that led me to search for the people to build a team.

This is the first blog post in which I wrote about the project, on march 18, 2005.

Back then the IComo initiative was at the beginning and Centro Volta’s engineers became increasingly more active in supporting local companies along the difficult, although stimulating, path to technologic innovation.

Since then a lot of things happened, and chance wanted that we presented i-muse first at the Educational Silk Museum, then in Canada, and now in the place where the idea was born.

I hope this strange combination will be a good sign for the future. 😉


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